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Recognition vs Reputation

Recognition vs Reputation

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You may think that the words like recognition and reputation have same meaning. Actually, it is not true. But if you think deeply, then you will see that recognition belongs to a citation to one’s own creation whereas reputation belongs to the usefulness of one’s own creation to the society. In the reality, you will see that recognition takes a very long time through an individual’s own effort and ability. But here one question is absolutely unanswered which is rather stays behind our perception. The question is that how long it will stay after its creator’s death.

Logically speaking, sometimes some creation has a long-lasting time frame for retaining recognition. It depends on the elements of recognition. You should keep in your mind that intensity, usability, rarity and longevity will determine how long recognition will stay after the creator’s death or during his or her lifespan. It is observed that sometimes recognition stay for the short period of time which means that it has some lack of consistency among its elements as well.

Generally, the primordial stage of recognition primarily depends on rarity which will determine the longevity of recognition. If you think about reputation, then you should keep in your mind that the elements of reputation are consistency, penetration and leverage. All these elements of reputation should have high density for sustaining it in the longer period as well.

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