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The saga of Tata-Mistry split up

The saga of Tata-Mistry split up

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The saga of Tata-Mistry split up is one of the most dreaded developments in the Indian corporate world. But, it is not only for power struggle but it also tuned with ego and emotional tussle as well. This Tata chaos will ignite the stern reality of the corporate power. Actually, you will observe that privacy is the condensed canopy for the general people when the sanctity of the corporate world is concerned. In general, you will never feel the heat from its exterior shell. Rather, if you like to enter into it, then your skin will be burned at the highest degree. The Tata-Mistry split up, attract the unwanted curiosity among the media and India’s community also. But one thing is sure that there is a secret wave of jealousy, stubborn ego, disturbing emotion and reverse retention ability is flowing secretly in the Tata group.

Practically, you will never able to understand it unless the Tata-Mistry split up could not happen as well. As far as the Tata group is concerned, Mr. Cyrus Mistry is a younger fellow in this stable, whereas Mr. Ratan Tata is a veteran in its own class. But the things which we are overlooking is that there is a huge gap between veteran experience and young brigade. Actually, honestly speaking, now the Tata group will need to transform its core ethical value into the modern-day ritual. Here, the old value and young aspiration are clashing with a tremendous force. Therefore, you can expect the harsh outcome from it. Actually, the Tata group was heading towards the new phase of transformation where someone likes to welcome it and on the other side, someone likes to resist it. After all, the eruption was imminent as well.

For Mr. Ratan Tata

Mr. Tata will never lose his physical wealth but he will lose his mental health. The reason is that this split will bring heavy toll on his prestige and ego. Rather, it is clear to say that his gamble will not play in this time. Because he already damages the ethical view of the corporate office mechanism. If you are a wise man, then you will observe that his tenure was a veteran in the Tata stable will start to diminish his control now. Actually, when you are in power for so long, then it is a normal trait for any person to hold its control as much as long time as well. But when he or she could not be flexible under a new leadership, then he or she will immediately react without given any chance to anybody. It is a norm in the corporate world that when you are becoming a non-functional bee, then you should make some suitable arrangement for yourself a glorious exit from the company. But for the case of Mr. Tata, he will never get any chance to make himself a glorious exit after this split up. Rather, he will get involved deeply in this chaos deliberately and he will never imagine the awkward situations arising from his involvement in this matter.

For Mr. Cyrus Mistry

At this stage, he will get a better experience for the future. Actually, he starts his adventure after joining as Tata CEO with some cautious steps. He knows that there will be no threat from any direction in Tata group. But he was wrong in his conviction and it gives him a precise warning in the incoming events in the Tata stable. He is young brass in the Tata’s new brigade and has immense ability to come back again. Practically, he is not a naive in his actions. Rather, he has the profound knowledge to get away from the debt trap of Tata. But his actions were slow and steady. In this direction, Mr. Tata misunderstood it without thinking. You should keep in your mind that Mr. Mistry is not a gambler rather a deep thinker and innovator as well.

For Tata employees

The Tata-Mistry split up is detrimental for Tata employees. The reason is that it will give bad impact on its employee’s mind as their job security and freedom will be at stake. Moreover, they could not follow one direction. Rather, they are now confused. If you think that this chaos will be solved within a short period of time. But you are totally wrong in your conviction. Practically, you have to wait for another 5 years to get it stable. After that, you get the new and refreshed atmosphere in the Tata stable.

Now the situation is secretly tense and you will get more astonishing facts about this split up over the times. But you have to be careful to observe the whole development and follow the right direction as well.


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