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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Believer’s Choice

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – Believer’s Choice

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Despite Samsung’s low market existence in the present scenario, it never undermines the quality of its smartphone consignment. The reason is that Samsung believes in its premium tag indulgence, which ultimately nourishes the smartphone user’s woe. Actually, you will see that Samsung used to play a pivotal role in the smartphone interest. Moreover, the basic revelation is that Samsung try to tease the consumers with its products in such a way that they can taste the real heat of the latest mobile technology.

It is true that you will see that our modern life is going towards portability and wireless mechanism. Therefore, in this case, Samsung intentionally understands its potentiality and for this reason, Samsung offers continuously the different priced smartphone to the consumers. Nevertheless, if your are very much focus on Samsung performance, then you will see that they keep their focus intact and work on it as well. Practically, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is not an exception in the case. You will see that how smartphone users can play with its smartphone ceaselessly and confidently as well.

Look and Feeling

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is uniquely fertile in its look. The reason is that its exterior design is very much ergonomics for your palm as well as your pocket. Moreover, you will see that this smartphone will give you a soft touch feeling. Even, it will give you better operating opportunity in the awkward situation. The reason is that there will be no chance for slipping away from your palm as well. Another point you will observe that its sleek look will bring the same feeling as you will get from Apple stuff. Particularly, you will feel that Samsung never compromise with its product design and ergonomics facility. It is happened due to its continuous indulgence to the best designer in their team. If you are intelligent, then you will see that Samsung hardly changes its design in the last 5 years in its smartphone segment. Rather, they tweak the internal design of smartphone electronics in an inquisitive manner. Even, their focus on quality makes a different from the others. This smartphone is no exception in this regard as well. Rating: 8/10


Its Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery is enough for most of smartphones activities throughout the day. Moreover, you will able to explore your curiosity with this smartphone in the different perspective. Rather, it likes to be a commendable resource for any kind of visual extravaganza or heavy informative activities as well. Rate: 8/10


Although, its camera is an 8-megapixels but its performance is very much impressive. Particularly, if you are a selfie shooter or photo enthusiast, then this smartphone will never let you down unless you are a novice in photographic sense. If you like to shoot general photography with this smartphone camera, then you will able to get the decent picture from all segment of smartphone photography. You will able to shoot in macro, landscape, nightlife or portrait and you will able to shoot it with its easy-to-operate camera. Even you will feel exciting for operating this smartphone camera as well. Rate: 9/10

Let’s enjoy some photographs which are taken with this smartphone camera





Its Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 processor will make every smartphone activity smoother and enjoyable whet5her you are playing a racing game or watching a Hollywood blockbuster as well. You will never feel any lag in its performance also. Rating: 8/10


You will get 8 GB RAM and 1 GB ROM in this smartphone, which will give you enough room for smartphone engagement. Rather, you will also able to increase your external memory up to 64 GB as well. Rating: 8/10


In this smartphone, you will get smoother transition about data flowing. The reason is that it has Quad band facility, 3G, and even you will get 4G according to its availability. Rating: 8/10


Its price is Rs.11,200 ($174) which is affordable under this price tag. People generally will be happy with this smartphone’s price and they will able to get what they invested in it as well. Rating: 7/10


You will get the maximum return from your investment in its camera, connectivity and visual appeal. Rather, performance wise, this smartphone will perform in any situation as well. Rating: 8/10


If you serious about your brand love, then Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime will never let you down. Rather, it will take you to another level, which you never imagine before. Rating: 8/10

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