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How to select your social media friend?

How to select your social media friend?

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In the social network, the relationship is quite volatile and suspicious. The reason is that real character is hard to find or recognize in this social world. Particularly, you will see that a character is appearing on your social media screen as a real one but you may think this character is real. But in the reality, it is observed that in the social media world, the real character has no image building procedure. Rather, it stays behind the scene for a long time. You will never get the immediate clue about its reality proof.

Rather, you have to be patience about his or her real character. It is observed that you have to follow some principles about social media friendship. The reason is that it will give you a unique perspective for the most of the cases. For selecting social media friend, you have to look for the hole which one is placed in any angle in a single social media character. This hole will tell you more powerful meaning to its real character analysis as well. Actually, it conveys the inner shell of a social media character.

When we get for the first time to see the person on the social media screen, it oozes the aura of the secrecy which is very much invincible to decipher on the first meeting. But in the reality, it shows the enigmatic power of deception. Practically, you will see that social media friend can be tested on some elements like comments, like on comments or post, blocking you, giving warning for post or comment, inviting you frequently and others. Actually, you will get overall view about your social media friend’s authenticity without meeting him or her physically as well.

Like Comments

It is a norm that if your social media acquaintance like your comment on any post or photo, then you will probably think that the person will be your new friend immediately. But it is not true. The reason is that you have to judge it its consistency and regularity as well. It is observed that sometimes the person can try to impress you as a friend through their like voting power. But it is observed that in the most of the cases, the authenticity of a social media friend is highly suspicious as well. Because it is the outcome of the insecurity due to its virtual entity as well.

If you find that your new social media acquaintance is voting like tag on your various comments in the content manner over more than 15 times within a month in wisely manner, then you can proceed to build a friendship with this person as well. But if you observe that your new social media acquaintance is voting like your all comments without judging your comment’s importance, then this social media person will be an irritating stuff in the course of time if you build friendship with him or her as well.

Like Posts

You should never think that like on comments and like on post are same. Rather, it is better to say that they are different in their form. When you vote like tag on any post, you have to read the post thoroughly before you cast your like tag vote. You should keep in your mind that the person who read your post thoroughly before casting like tag, the person is quite interested on you. Rather, it is better to say that he or she is very much interested towards your participation in the particular social media portal. You should keep in your mind that for casting vote of like tag is quite laborious and time consuming effort for any social media acquaintance as well.

Blocking You

When a person on the social media account blocks you without any serious reason, then you should be careful about this person before you making any commitment for building friendship with him or her as well. This personality is rather mean-minded character which is not suitable any social media account. Actually, what is happened that for social media participation, you should be open first and then you should be observant also. It is true that your openness will attract your followers and it will help you to increase your follower’s base.

Giving warning for your Post or Comment

This person will be dangerous for giving warning you regarding your comments or posts. The reason is that if you make friendship with this person, then in the course of time you will face a lot of inconvenience from him, or her as well. If you use your social media account professionally, then you should be careful in this regard as well. It is observed that this kind of person will never give you freedom to express yourself openly. It is better to cut off the communication with him or her immediately.

Sending invitation you frequently

May be this person will like to see you personally on your social media account. This kind of person is highly volatile in nature. Because this person will make a short term friendship with you and he or she will leave you after completing his or her needs as well. Again sometimes this person can give you some information which he or she likes to convey to you as well.

Body Language during chatting

It is very much important criteria for building friendship on the social media front. If you manage it well, then you will able to build a pool of good friends as well. Just watch for the use of “I” and “ME” in any comments or post. It will indicate that this person will show his or her accomplishment at the frequent manner. They are very much loner in mind. So they like to invite your attention for their companionship.

After all, selecting a social media friend is a very much time consuming and enduring process which you will have to do it carefully and wisely as well.

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