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Sex in space – A perpetual hangover

Sex in space – A perpetual hangover

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When you are within gravity, then you will be closed together and stick to the ground. But when you are out of the gravity, then you will be separated from the land. Again, if you like to stay close with your partner physically, then gravity should exist around your surrounding. Our logical mind will never give an encouraging permission to have sex in space.

The reason is that our body never build for the non-gravitational atmosphere. So that our body mechanism may give a retarded sign for our procreation processing in the space environment. According to the scientific principles, tell us that any physical closeness will require the adequate gravitational pull. So whether it any atomic fusion or human sexual activity, the gravitational pull must have to be available to its surrounding also. Otherwise, the functions above will not be occurred at all.


For any sexual activity, you will require stable ground that will provide you a comfortable base for your happy outing. But in space, you will never be able to stick yourself in the ground. So you will miss a great opportunity to hold together with your partner in the space environment. In addition, you will face the acute pain in your body when you will try to do a sexual activity in the space atmosphere.

In that environment, you will never satisfy you and your partner regarding sexual happiness. Rather, there will be the least chance for sexual survival chance in that habitat. Practically, for any sexual activity, the stable base is essential for you and your procreation process as well.


In space, the timing is unnecessary long. The reason is that space is unlimited according to its astronomical principles. So that you can expect a different environment when you will enter into space territory. Most important fact is that your body and mind will work differently when you come into its vicinity. The reason is that you will find difficulty to fix your optimum timing for sexual activity.

Practically, sometimes the durations of daylight will very a little bit of complex matter for an earth man. The best time for sex is at early morning and in 12 at night if you live in the land. But for space atmosphere, you will never find a fixed timing slot for better sex experience. Even, you may follow the earth timing with your space timing but you will never feel any ease as you feel during in the earth environment.


If you like to get the maximum mileage from your sexual activity in space, then you should keep your partner closely as long as possible. Otherwise, you will never satisfy your sexual urge from your partner. It is observed that sexual activity belongs to close attachment. For this reason, if you could not hold your partner for long time, then you will get horrible sexual experience that do harm to your body and mind as well.


If man’s penis could not hold in woman’s vagina for some time, then the real sexual ritual will never complete. The reason is that some locking is necessary for space boundary. In addition, you have to adorn your penis with some artificial ornament or physical add-on as well. It is observed that the shaft area of the penis can do a trick by injecting a stimulation stuff like bulbous glands like effect.

So that penis can lock with vagina during space odyssey. Practically, it will give an incredible sexual experience in the space atmosphere as well for both sexual partners. If penis and vagina could not get stuck together during space journey, then sexual ritual will end as life long scar in your mind.

For this reason, sex in space may be a buzz word for the scientific community. But normal human will get a perpetual hangover that will never be easily removed at all.


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