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Sexual Happiness- Still illusive

Sexual Happiness- Still illusive

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It is said that the word, sex is the shyest word of all words, which we are very much hesitant to talk about it. Nevertheless, our sexual happiness depends on how much we discuss it openly with anybody and get most from it. We are the human who thinks always about sex in our daily life whether we think it consciously or unconsciously. However, it is true that ultimate sexual happiness is still elusive to humankind and we are still exploring constantly through our endeavour. We are using it through our different mediums to get its eternal happiness.

The parameters of sexual happiness are various and it depends on natural, physical and mental environments. This process is continuing today from the time of Adam Eve era. Let us go to the point for discussing it in the following paragraphs: Natural environments, which consist of temperature, climate, geographical location, Earth rotation, time zone, Earth magnetic poles .etc. have positive effects on sexual happiness. One interesting thing to tell that most important minerals which are found in earth as these minerals also available in the human body. Therefore, it would have a direct effect on the human body due to Earth attraction. Here, Earth works like a separate body as they attract each other.

If we live on another planet other than earth, then our sex life would have a different one so as sexual happiness. Recent we are discussing global warming which has some direct effect on our sexual happiness. More temperature rises, our children will get their puberty early as before. Their adulthood will come early and will lengthen their sexual life. They will have a lot of time to get sexual happiness, which our present generation has already crossed. The high temperate zone where temperature varies between 31-degree centigrade to 36 degrees centigrade between sexual happiness is high as compared to low temperate zone. Warm climate boosts the sexual activity of all animals including human. It stimulates the nervous system, glands and hormones in a very big way.

Nevertheless, in cold climate, the sexual activity is generally synthetic rather than natural. The synthetic means artificially activated as in cold climate we know that our biological activity is rather restricted. In general, in cold climate, we use our willpower to get sexual satisfaction in force. I hope that you may understand what I mean. The magnetic poles of Earth have an important consideration regarding sexual happiness. Those who are living in the extreme parts of magnetic poles have least sexual happiness whereas those who are living in exactly in the absolute middle parts of the two Earth magnetic poles have maximum sexual happiness. If you travel frequently through different time zones as it has an adverse effect on your biological clock setup in your body. Frequent changing of time zones makes you sexual unhappiness. So try to travel within the same time zone.

The grey matter of brain has a great impact on our sexual happiness. If the grey matter of our brain is bigger than the average size of the grey matter of the human brain, then our sexual happiness has a maximum chance of sexual happiness. In this case, we saw that sometimes our sexual outlook can be kinky which may make or break our sexual happiness as it depends on how we can use it in our favour. It is true that this kinky type sexual outlook brought some greatest creations or inventions ever we have seen. Generally, this type of sexual outlook has seen in the life of great men of the world. Light is one of the prime sources of our sexual happiness.

In dark space if we practice our sexual activities I mean poor lighting condition as your privacy intact, your nervous system will not be stimulated because of poor visibility through your eyes. Blue light and moonlit night generally soothe our nervous system as this cold lights control our body heat during our sexual activities. This is one of the reasons for using blue light in the film industry. We know vitamins are essential elements of our body but it has an important role in our sexual happiness. Vitamins like A, D, K and E have the great effect on our sexual activities. If you take these vitamins supplements daily after consultation with a doctor, you can maximize your sexual happiness.

If you want to know more about these vitamins, a doctor will help you in this regard. If your body odour is acceptable to your partner, then you can expect maximum sexual happiness. The same type of body odour makes your maximum satisfaction in sexual activities. If your body odour is very bad, you can make it a good one by taking lots of water and fruits daily. One interesting fact that if you take your favourite fruit regularly then your body odour will be near to your favourite fruit’s scent. If your body odour is likeable to your partner’s body odour and vice verse then sometimes you may smell a kind of odour similar to your partner’s body odour without his/her presence in your surroundings.

Actually, it is a kind of feeling, which cannot be described in words. As far as our sexual positions are concerned, we should choose a suitable position that does not hurt our physical structure and maximize our sexual satisfaction. What type of style you will choose that up to you I mean you should choose right one, which make you comfortable. We know that human is the only animal who takes face-to-face sexual position in the animal kingdom. It is one of the reasons for human considered as a most intelligent among all animals.

So our sexual happiness will depend on us how we will use sex as it should not use as boy’s toy rather perform it with devotion and care and that way you will get great happiness and upliftment in your life.

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