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The side effect of poverty

The side effect of poverty

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In any economy, poverty is a bane which never easy to eradicate as well. But in the reality, affluence and poverty live side by side in any economy. Even, the people who are poor live in an economy, they face tremendous negative effect on their character and mind as well. Actually, what happens is that our society never accept penury in a simple manner. Rather, they treat penury as sin. Therefore, the poor persons face the negative influence on their personality and mind which make them very much vulnerable also. It is true that their coexistence with poverty make them more breakable at the emotional level. Even, if you think that penury is only relating to the economy, then you will see that you are wrong. The reason is that you can witness the sign of poverty in anything as well. The logic is that poverty here means declining or performing in lesser amount. Actually, you will see that poverty exits in every sphere of our life whether we can recognize it or not. But it is visible in our surrounding always as well.


You should know that stress and tension make our body and mind more vulnerable also. But it is true that if they stay for long time, then our body stature will be transformed into the depleted state. In this context, we can say that poverty has the same effect on human body and mind as well. It is observed that getting old in younger age comes through the constant vagary of penury. Moreover, you will see that poverty breeds constant stress and tension on human mind and body. Therefore, it stops the normal body functions and immune system at the regular interval. Even, you will observe that this kind of premature aging brings bone weakness, irregular digestion, mental imbalance, low cognitive activity and much more. If you consider poverty on the other parameters besides human body and mind, then you will find that some kind of inconsistent performance over the time. Actually, aging always invites the untimely demise for any kind of existence.


You should keep in your mind that poverty slowly take away your confidence over the times. The reason is that it will make the way for slowdown your confidence level in such a way that you could not do in this regards as well. It is observed that penury automatically dissolves all your hopes and expectation over the times when it stays with you for the long time. One thing is sure that it makes your life more vulnerable to your society and its surrounds also.


Poverty always deter any kind of performance for human. The reason is that if you have no sufficient food in your stomach, then you will never get sufficient nutrition for your body and mind as well. Therefore, your overall performance will be affected also. It is true that human performance always depends on happiness, contentment, freedom. But when you are in penury, then you will never get these emotional supports from it and your performance will suffer as well.

Mental agony

It is very much dangerous for any person for getting mental agony. First of all, you will observe that when you are in penury, then you will be recognized as untouchable and neglected. Therefore, first your mind will react at this juncture also. Moreover, your mind will never able to withstand this kind of humiliation over the long period of time as well. It will drag you to the infinite darkness where light is not so imminent also.

Battered experience

As far as your experience in your life is concerned, poverty will give you bitter one. Because, you will feel that the atmosphere around your surrounds will not respond according to your likings also. It happens due to your penurious condition. Actually, we are human being are always preoccupied with our self-invested expectation and hope. Therefore, we never like to look over others situation.

Mean minded

Your penurious situation will develop a mean-minded personality. The reason is that unconsciously you will get into an inferiority complex which make you more mean minded fellow as well. But sometime, you can overcome it, if you apply your will power which is very much low at your present condition. One important proposition is that when you are in poverty, you will never attract the right people at the right moment in your life. Therefore, your mind will shrink its wing automatically also.

Wrong decision-making ability

Poverty makes human into a wrong decision-making fellow. The reason is that due to penury, our cognitive activities will never work properly for it. Therefore, our conviction and expectation could not open their wings in our decision-making process.

In the conclusion, you should keep in your mind that poverty is not as a sin. Rather, you can welcome it as a challenging phase of your life. Therefore, you will able to overcome it with your built-in emotions and ability.


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