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Smartphone camera technology vs DSLR camera technology

Smartphone camera technology vs DSLR camera technology

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It is true that a new technology emerges which is superseded by another new technology later or sooner as well. It is the norm of technological advancement. But when one technology is staying for a long time without any further technological advancement, then it is inevitable that the old technology will be superseded by another one very soon as well. This same thing happens to the DSLR camera technology. Whereas the smartphone camera technology is developed in the extreme pace which is never comparable to the DSLR camera technology. Now we are talking about AI {Artificial Intelligence} which is very much conducive for the smartphone platform and it is visible in all direction right now. If you are thinking about the future of photography, then you should be ready for the onslaught of the smartphone technology over the DSLR camera technology. From 5 years now, the smartphone camera technology will be superseded the most of departments of the photography and if the DSLR camera technology will like to stay alive in the photography arena, then it should transform into the smartphone form. Even you will find that the new genre of the photographers will emerge and they will shine through the new medium of the photography.


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