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Smartphone Photography

Smartphone Photography

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In recent time, we have witnessed some kind of irritations in smartphone photography. Actually, it happens due to our ignorance about the recent development of mobile photographic technology. Practically, the most of the smartphone makers are branding their products with high megapixels camera sensor. So that the users can get the maximum benefits from it.  Nevertheless, you should keep in your mind that not only high megapixel sensor will give you a better picture with an ease. Rather, you will need better software integration with smartphone hardware.

One thing we should think that the affordable smartphones are going to be a terminal headache for digital camera makers. However, the duel between smartphone photography and DSLR photography is still in dormant phase. Therefore, that just enjoys the current smartphone engagement with a full enthusiasm. Therefore, you will able to learn your inner photographic skill with your smartphone before you get into the DSLR level. Here, I am giving you some smartphone photographic samples for your inspiration.  Just enjoy it and try if you can.

N.B. All pictures are taken by smartphones. These pictures are the final outputs from the originals after some manipulations in Photoshop.

hdr toning

cupdish colored cupdish white cupdish yellow power

porsche boxster s

audi rs audi

porsche viper gtsporschecarreras

porsche 911

Honda CBR 600RR




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The outcomes from the current smartphones have impressed me a lot and I immediately get into the new era of the photography. The main reason is that it is a cheaper substitute for DSLR entry. If you like , you can get into it and feel what you can deliver for your hungry soul.