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Sometimes, you will never understand the success of a person. Actually what happens is that you sometimes will see his or her success in physical existence and sometimes you will never see his or her success in physical existence. It happens due to the acceptance of the success at the world stage. When his or her success is accepted widely at the world stage, then you will feel that he or she is actually a successful person. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that the success of a person which is not polarized all over the world is not a mean person. But he or she has extensive power to hide his or her success potential in such a way that the conventional wisdom will never understand him or her. If you look at the world history, you will get a lot of examples as well. They never go for the recognition or award for their success as well. Rather, they work silently for the eternity and for the generation also. Again they are the influencers of the world history. Sometimes they are gone into oblivion but their presence is always felt.


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