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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

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Sweet sixteen, most of us already passed or some of us are going to be passed. But one thing is sure that it will decide our life’s most important events at this time frame. The reason is that it never comes with a big bang manner. Rather, you can say that it comes silently with a lot of funs and dreams which are mixed up under its canopy as well. But it is true that this time frame determines our life most important decisions and its execution also. Whether you will able to build a successful career or not; will you marry in your lifespan or not; will you be a successful person or not; all these criteria will appear in front of you as a camouflaged signal. But most of us never understand its secret meaning at that time due to our own immaturity as well. If you able to read the message, then you will able to shape your life in a sure-shot direction also. Therefore, enjoy your sweet-sixteen time frame but keep open your eyes and ears always for detecting the signals which are arrowing down towards you.


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