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How to take care your gene ?

How to take care your gene ?

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In our body, gene is the flash memory, which records all activities of our body. Moreover, it has unique ability to keep all our mental and physical records in its flash memory as well. You will see that when you will do a certain job in your life, the gene will keep its footprint in its memory and when requires, it will provide you the reference of your previous job as well. Our gene is a dual core processor. It means that one core is used for recording and another core is used for erasing. Therefore, both of the cores are highly efficient and effective as well. So that our activities are recorded as back up in, our gene in such a way that it will cater the information about our past job quickly and even we can erase it through our sexual intervention.

By Recording

Any kind of activity like writing, speaking, walking, eating and other daily activities are recorded with our gene. Therefore, recording in the gene has a unique feature to store the data in the wisest manner in genetic memory as well. Actually, what happens is that the recording process is so fast that even the modern day super computer will never compete with its high-speed mechanism as well. Logically speaking, the organic flash memory like gene is highly efficient and so accurate that there is no any chance for error. The reason is that every sector of the gene is highly error resistant that any mechanical computer will never do it. There is no need for any defragmentation in genetic memory. The reason is that the sectors never change its place in gene memory and they are fixed in their places as well. Rather, the sectors are very much well tuned in such a way that even if one sector could not record the data, then it will immediately transfer it to the next sector in the gene. Therefore, the proper recording with highly efficient manner is possible in our genes as well.

By Erasing

You can erase data in your gene only through the sexual activities. Actually, what happens is that sexual activities like copulation, sucking, licking and other sexual practices will erase the data in our gene in the significant manner as well. Nevertheless, one thing you have to keep in your mind that sexual intercourse will erase the gene data completely in the memory and it will make it as a fresh memory. So that you can again record your data in it without any fuss.

Therefore, if you properly understand your gene, then you will able to maintain it nicely as well.


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