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The different stages of start-ups

The different stages of start-ups

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Logically, we could not differentiate between two start-ups. The reason is that we are not capable to do it. Nevertheless, it is true that if we dare to differentiate between one start up to another start up, then we will able to get the true picture of it. Actually, it is a crucial endeavor for us to explore the secrets of the start-ups, which will bring economic freedom. If you are intelligent, then you will see that the people love start-up for establishing their ability to work independently with their own skills and abilities as well. Rather, you can say that start-up depends on some human emotions like smartness, intelligent and wise as well.

Therefore, you can expect an intense result from it. When our emotions get involved with our skill and abilities, then you can expect big difference from the functions of our planning. You should know that this kind of happening is applicable to any start-up. The reason is that no single start-up is identical with another start-up. Because it develops with the different emotions of its owner. In this case, the functions and execution of the start-ups are also varied in the larger proportion as well.

Smart Start-up

Smart start-up may be a new demarcation for any entrepreneur. The reason is that this start-up will give you an impression of tidiness, cleanliness and well dressed as well. If we describe it thoroughly, then you will see a clean approach in its business planning. Moreover, clearly speaking, they will have a straight vision for achieving their economic freedom. In this start-up, you will see more enthusiasm than head. This start-up belongs to the beginner level. Even, in this start-up, importance of capital is not first priority. Rather, rotation and movement are most wanted. In the beginning, the smart start-up will try to convince the society for their existence. In the beginning, the members of the smart start-up are highly charged and emotional. Therefore, sometimes they will have a tendency to commit mistake frequently.

In this case, they should be careful and they are less experienced as well. Before taking any important decision, frequently they should meet altogether on a table for preventing any collateral damage to the start-up also. You should keep in your mind that every smart start-up has a poison arrow, which can strike at the tolerance capability of its owner and his or her members. Since its market share is very limited but their only capital is attitude, which will give them enough gut to face any tormented seascape as well. Generally, the lifespan of the smart start-up is 3 years. If they survive it, then they will be promoted to the intelligent start-up tag.

Intelligent Start-up

It is an intermediate level of start-up acumen. The reason is that here you will find sharp intellect, high dose of risk, insightful, penetrating and intuitive thinking. Therefore, these qualities bolster the start-up in such a way that it works like a robot. Practically, you can say that it will judge every move and execution through its intelligent planning. Moreover, you will see that the members of this start-up will like to behold their spectators in the different perspective. At this stage, this start-up will start to earn experience and interact with their audiences as well. Since, its indulgence with market excavation is expectant but it also indicates that network and aspiration should work simultaneously as well.

One thing you should keep in your mind that planning is the most sought after element for this start-up. The reason is that their precise planning will give them the market share and make their business more positive. Since, the members of this start-up already spent more than 7 years and now they should work for getting the wise start-up tag that will the ultimate goal for any entrepreneur as well.

Wise Start-up

It is the professional level of the start-up ecosystem. The reason is that this start-up will run on its huge experience that will be its ultimate capital for eternity. Actually, experience is the emotional money, which will steer the start-up to look beyond its horizon. With its experience, it will overcome any type of rough sea during its whole journey. Practically, this start-up will work like a mentor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and they will have many babies in their creches as well. After spanning 10 years in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, they will become a giant in its own class. You should know that the spanning of 10 years tenure is a huge success in the start-up world. Moreover, it will have enough power to make a big disruption as well. Since it has no competitors or friends but they will have many followers also.

It is true that your start-up should have a mature status when you will overcome all stages of the start-up world. It is an amazing journey and you earn it.

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