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The Future Photography : Mobile-centric experience ( Part-2 )

The Future Photography : Mobile-centric experience ( Part-2 )

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Actually, it will look like a mobile format camera but it will be filled with a load of innovations. These kinds of innovations will be relating to the universal format for any kind of photography. Practically, you do not need to think about format issue regarding to the DSLR platform. The default will be more than 10000 x 10000 pixels in this camera. The viewpoint of the screen will be covered fully, so that the photographer will able to see whole subject in the screen. Even, you will see that the complexity of transferring the DSLR form into a mobile format will bring some kind of alteration in its display performance.

The reason is that pixel formation in the mobile screen will be different from the DSLR format. Nevertheless, one thing is sure that you will never lose the sharpness and brightness of camera at any cost. It will happen due to the high density of pixel formation in its image sensor. One important you should keep in your mind that Cammo will deliver the sharpest picture in any atmospheric conditions.

Particularly, you will get some astonishing shots in low light area, which is still illusive in today’s photography. There will no deception from the metering due to the highly accurate metering sensor in the camera. Therefore, you will get sharp picture with a perfect exposure every time you press Cammo’s shutter.


As far as the features of Cammo are concerned, you can expect many overwhelming features, which will rule at 2025 onwards as well. This camera will have five sensors in its body. All the sensors will be placed in the different parts of the camera where the photographer’s palm will be used. The reason is that these locations will take the photographer’s health information through its pulse and blood flow in the veins as well. Moreover, it will inform the camera internal circuitry about the shooter’s physical and mental condition. So that the camera will automatically adjust the exposure and compositional mechanism accordingly.


In 2025, the technology of camera will be quite different from today’s one. Because the necessity will bring the new vista for the advanced development in the technological progress. Actually, you will get the highly user-friendly mechanism, which will usher in the less dependent on the mechanical procedure as well. Practically, the concept of shutter mechanism will be transformed into a picture-taking screen technology.

It means that only screen will work like a shutter release in Cammo. Therefore, only on-screen software will take picture without any mechanical help. Even, the interactive session with Cammo will bring a new dimension in your picture taking experience. The reason is that Cammo will read your iris construction at the real-time measure and after that, it will set your camera’s exposure setting and picture taking possibility accordingly.

Logically speaking Cammo will take you to the higher limit according to your physical and mental reading. So that you will get the best quality picture from Cammo without any mistake. More elaborately speaking, it will transform a nonprofessional into a professional instantly. Ten years from now, our life will be more stressful as well as more adventurous. Therefore, our mind will require instant relief without any mechanical jerk. So in this direction, jerk-less endeavor will be highly expected that time.


As far as price of Cammo is concerned, the price will be $250 at that time. The reason is that this price will be very much reasonable for the most of the population in that world as well. Practically, price will be very much affordable all over the world due to the balancing purchasing capacity of the world population.


If you think about the quality of Cammo, then you will be happy to know that the material of Cammo will be light weighted and it will be made of chemical mixture of rubber and plastic. It means that it will be sturdy and durable as well as unbreakable as well.

It is true that the future photography will be mobile-centric in mind, also it will be a mixture affordable, portable, and highly performance oriented.

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