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The Future Smartphone – Ultimate experience

The Future Smartphone – Ultimate experience

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Nowadays, our life is very much preoccupied with communication. It is true that our daily chores could not be completed without any fruitful communication. Therefore, in this connection, the existence of smartphone is highly crucial. If you think about today’s communication, then you have to also think about tomorrow. The reason is that tomorrow will be quite different from today. Like today, we will witness huge data transfer between two communicators and require huge amount energy to make its smooth flowing.

Practically, when you are looking for the future, then you should also look into the different breed of smartphone. Even, you will see that the new genre of smartphone technology will come out to cope its new demand. If you look at 2025, then you will see that your life will be totally controlled by this new breed of smartphone, which will take care of your daily life in an explicit manner. The reason is that this smartphone will have a huge storehouse of power supply, high-resolution screen like a life size feeling, bigger form of smartphone and robust features, which we will never imagine today.


The power segment of the future smartphone is very much crucial for its existence. The reason is that this smartphone will require more power to make smooth data flow and its functionality. Nevertheless, if there is no adequate power supply, then your communication will be hampered. Rather, you can see that you will no longer need of battery. However, you will require more powerful than battery and it should supply relentlessly without any recharge. Rather, honestly speaking, this smartphone will require self-generated power supply.

According to the Vastu system, it has four elements like Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Therefore, if you apply the Vastu system for the power architecture in the future smartphone, then the power problem will be solved. Generally, you can pick one of the four elements for power supply mechanism in the future smartphone. If you like to take Earth element which belongs to Uranium and it will produce the ceaseless power supply to the smartphone. Moreover, a uranium pallet measuring 0.000001 gm will be enough power to run the smartphone for more than 10 years (approximate) without any single charge.

Actually, the smartphone will not require any type of charging facility. Rather, it will be a self-powered smartphone. The reason is that a super capacitor in the future smartphone will store the massive energy and it will propel the required segment of the smartphone. Another way you can propel your smartphone in 2025 through Air element, which means simple air. In the future smartphone, you will able to get the constant power supply from the atmospheric air, which will, infinitely available throughout our planet.

When you will think about the water element, then you will see that this future smartphone can run on bio fuel as well. Even, you can use the Fire element for the future smartphone, which means that this smartphone will run on your body heat with a very sophisticated membrane. Interestingly, you may think that this type of power supply source for the future smartphone is absurd. However, you will be wrong when you will face the tremendous pressure for running smoothly your future smartphone at that time as well.


In the 2025 smartphone, you will get larger screen with a nice coating of light-sensitive material. This type of screen will make your daylight operation smoothly with a brighter mode. The reason is that this coating will only work with directly from Sun. Even, it will work amazingly from Moon’s light source. Actually, you will get unique experience of working from this smartphone screen.

As far as the resolution is concerned, you will get more than 2500 ppi. Nevertheless, one problem will be occurred smartphone screen will be burned out more pixel per inches according to the technology is concerned. Therefore, you will require a special coating on the smartphone screen for minimizing its heat dissipation. One interesting point to observe is that its screen size will be bigger. Therefore, that screen will be folded in such a way you can work on it without losing its aesthetics as well.


When there will be no battery in the smartphone, then you can expect huge amount space will be available in it. Therefore, you can add many features in it. You can expect some unique features like, disease detector, accurate storm prediction, checking doctor’s prescription anomaly and others.


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