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The Real Meaning of Blogging

The Real Meaning of Blogging

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Blogging is like flying birds who always want to move freely without any barrier. It oozes a bunch of rhythms which rings in our mind forever. It needs freedom with handful quantity. So imagination and expression altogether can move smoothly through its scripted principles. Practically, blogging is a way to express your own views without any restriction. In this regard, blog post works like a catalyst between freedom and expression. Therefore, you will only know the real heat when you complete your blog post.

Practically, blog post is quite different from storytelling like novel writing. The reason is that blogging totally depends on expression whereas novel writing depends on characters. So you will face the music when you like to introduce the character in your blog post. When you do it, it then converts into a writing caricature as well. As a blogger, you should never think about character instances in your blog post. During your writing session, your mind will travel from one corner to another corner in the word jugglery.

But if you put your mind in the whirlpool of word instances, then you will see that every word will appear in your mind like a magnet. It is possible due to freedom and straightforwardness. Once you start your blog post writing, then you will get the required words formation automatically. But when you sit to write novel, then you will face a lot of obstacles for forming your word structure in it. One thing is sure that novel writing needs strict maneuver throughout its writing session. But in the case of blogging, you don’t need any stern stricture.

No rule

You should keep in your mind that blogging never follow any rules and regulations. Therefore, it is so simple and heartfelt that you can express your views in your blog post well. If you bring any restriction in your blog writing, then your writing flow will be restricted as well. Moreover, you have to safe yourself from any kind of outside influence.


The unique character of blogging is that it always follows straightforward approach. Whether your blog theme is quite simple to understand for everybody, then blogging will impress every wordsmith also. Even, you will see that the audiences will be happy to assimilate the blog post as well. Another thing you should keep in your mind that blogging style should be simple. So that you will able to maintain integrity with your expression.

No choice

When you are writing blog post, then you should not have any choice on the blog subject. Actually you have to make yourself ready to write blog post in any blog subject. Practically, you have to be more versatile in this regard as well.

Be happy

Always try to be happy in your mind when you write your blog post. The reason is that it will organize your expression well during your writing. For any blogger, happy mind is crucial for better blog post writing.

Open minded

It is true that open-minded blogger has highly potential to be successful in blog writing. The reason is that they express their views freely and wholeheartedly as well. It is observed that close-minded people will never express well. Therefore, some kind of restricted will works in their mind also.


Generally, writing inspiring blog post is hard to achieve. Actually, you will never know when your blog post will shine in the crowd. But one thing is sure that if you use adjective in the word formation in your blog writing well, then you will have a chance for it.


You should keep in your mind that your blog post should be non-provocative. The reason is that it will have some kind of irritation in the mind of the audiences as well. Moreover, your reputation will be at stake also.

Powerful sentences

If you like to raise your status in the blog community, then you should use powerful sentences in your blog post in wise manner. The reason is that it will make it more powerful and heartfelt contribution from you as well. Always try to use powerful sentences at the beginning of blog post; in the middle of the blog post; and in the end of the blog post also.

Signature value

It is very much important proposition for you to build a signature value of your blog post which will bring your brand to the wide audiences. It may come in the form of sentences formation, word repetition, word choice or formation of paragraph. Actually, it is the signature tune of your writing skill. Just keep it in your mind.


When your outspoken nature in your blog post is in a secure place, then use it frequently. But when your outspoken nature outbursts some sentiment, then just stay away from it. Because you have a lot to give to your society.

Social responsibility

As a blogger, you should never forget about your social responsibility. Therefore, play your music accordingly. It will give you immense pleasure which money can’t buy it. Actually, you will get social blessing through your blog post which also transmit your mind signal to the far end as well. Try to understand it.


More you are expressive, more your blog post will be inspiring. Reason is that it will attract more audiences from all corners also. Another point to remember that your expression is the lifeline for yourself as a blogger.

Therefore, blogging is a way to get into the mind of others and interact with their thoughts as well. So that you can always live in their hearts forever.

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