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The Secrets of Addiction

The Secrets of Addiction

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Probably, no human will be available that who has no addiction. It is true that without the addiction no man will survive. So the fetish is an essential part of our life. Whatever may be your addiction but one thing is sure that you live with it every day. Even, you stay away from the addiction for sometime, then your mind will get excited for not having the craze time. It is an amazing feeling for every man. Moreover, if you observe deeply than you will see that without fetish day will make your day dull. So it is very much important for us to understand the power of the addiction.


The main cause of the addiction actually lies on its dependency. The reason is that when you are going to get the addiction habit because there is no any instant support for you to run your life. So you like to get the support from your addiction habit. It is a kind of subconscious support which you require. We never addicted with a conscious mind rather we get the addiction due to our requirement of subconscious support.


Every addiction has the dual polarity. One is positive polarity and another is negative polarity. So if you use the addiction for your positive purpose, then it will increase your efficiency. So if you use your addiction for the negative purpose, then it will decrease your efficiency. Moreover, you have to use your addiction power in a wise manner. So you have to think it deeply before you are going to get any fetish habit. One thing you have to remember that if you use the polarity of addiction in your favor well, then you will get the benefits from it.


The effects of the addiction will depend on you how you will use your craze in your own needs. Moreover, if you think about the fetish power has an at least impact on your life, then you will make wrong judgment on it. So it is better to understand the power of the craze before you judge the effect of fetish in your life.


If you can live without any addiction, then it is good for you. Otherwise go for the fetish when you are prepared already. Never think that the addiction is always dab for human but rather it is the artificial way to recharge our mind when we need it most. Honestly speaking, if you like to live in this world, then you must have an addiction at least in your lifetime. Rather, it will work as your stress buster and refresher for your soul.

Therefore, you can go for the addiction which will give you immense benefits and make your life more loving and happy.


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