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The Secrets of Alien

The Secrets of Alien

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We are not alone. The alien is somewhere in our galaxy or outer space. Actually, they are the remnants of our existence. Moreover, our present form as a living creature does not prove that we are only the living form in the universe. Basically, we have to understand the root of our birth. Moreover, it is very much fuzzy about our conviction of Alien existence. As far as scientific evidences are concerned, we are only the intelligent creature in the universe. It is true that our birth was possible due to certain transformations in our life building blocks. This type of transformations does not occur frequently as we think. So that we have to prove that, we are a part of the alien family.


If you think that the intelligence of alien is better than us, then you are wrong. The reason is that they are little dumber than us as well. The reason is that their physical development is not at par as the Earth’s people. Logically, you have to understand that the location of the Earth in the galaxy which is perfect for the well-build intelligence. If you like to be an intelligent, then you have to provide the continuous supply of oxygen in your brain. More flexible and synchronized oxygen supply is available, and then more you like to be an intelligent person. Therefore, that, in the case of Alien, their location will not be conducive like the Earth. Mostly, they will have the lack of inadequate supply of oxygen in their brain. We are very much lucky to have the perfect location of our Earth in the Milky Way.


As far as the aliens are concerned, they are little dumber than us, so that we will have little difficulty communicating with them. Even, they can misunderstand our communication in such a way that it can be detrimental to us. At first encounter, you will never expect any positive signal from them. Rather, you have to try to understand their interpretative signal.


We will get our Alien link within our galaxy. The reason is that the root of our birth lies within a star in our galaxy. However, the question is that where they are living. Actually, they are living in microbiological form but not in skeleton form. It is not possible at this moment as there is a lack of evidence about its existence. The chances are very bleak. Moreover, we will definitely find a sign of life in any planet outside our Earth in Milky Way. There is bleak chance to get the sign of life outside our galaxy. Therefore, we have to search it within our Milky Way.


When we will meet them for the first time in the history of human civilization, we will have no speech to express our feelings to them. Rather, we will stay cool to observe them from very close proximity. After that when we understand them better, and then our life will take a new turn.

Therefore, Alien will definitely come to us through our innovation and ingenuity. Just we have to wait for them for today or tomorrow but it is sure that we will get them.


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