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The Secrets of Astrology

The Secrets of Astrology

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Although we are living in the era of science, still we have a great believe in astrology. Moreover, astrology was born before science was born. So the modern man has a more craze for science than the astrology. But one thing is sure that when the modern man is in the adversity, then he will also take the help of astrology for relief from his adversity. May be the modern man does not believe in astrology but when he gets in the troubles, and then he will find the way for relief from his adversity. Then he will go to an astrologer. Actually, the astrology is a branch of occult which is designated as a black magic. But for your kind information, it is the mathematical calculation of a man’s fortune rather it is a part of science itself. But the intellectual part of our society does not believe it as a science rather they consider it as a way of black magic to make the people fool. But the main reason for astrology is that there is a little scope for research and development in the science area. So astrology could not produce enough proof that will make it believable to the people of the world. Still, it is one of the curious subjects for the people of this planet.


Time is the prime element of astrology. Because it will give you the better calculation if you provide the correct birth time. Moreover, it is very much rarer that everybody could provide the correct birth time. The reason is that it is difficult for anybody to keep the exact birth time due to the medical formalities. It is better to keep the exact birth time if you induct a special attendant at the time of the childbirth. So that person will keep the exact record when the child’s head comes out from the mother’s womb. Logically, when the any part of the child’s body gets the first light of the earth, then that particular time will be considered as a correct birth time. Always try to use a stopwatch when you are recording the child’s birth time. It will provide you the exact and accurate time data.


The house is very much important for astrology. Because it will give the proper characteristics of the planet’s behavior on your life. So it is better to judge more accurately on the house placement of the planet in a horoscope. The reason is that a planet can be strong or weak in any house according to the horoscope. So when you will go to the astrologers, you should ask him or her that which house is strong or weak. So it will help you when the planet is transiting through its houses. Moreover, you can also feel its effects on your body and mind as well. So you can take precaution in your lifestyles accordingly. Whether you believe astrology or not, but the effect of the planets on our body and mind are absolutely scientifically proved. For your kind information, generally the old houses are the benefits whereas the even houses are the malefic. The exception also rules over it.


The planets are the prime determinant for man’s fortune. Moreover, they have great impact on our life as well. Every planet has a different impact on us when it will place in a particular house. So this house will influence the planet to perform accordingly. When you will better understand your planets in your horoscope, then you will able to use the astrological help more accurately.


The planet and house work together in the phases of astrology. Because the actual predicted result comes from the astrological calculation after determining the phases. So it is very much important for any astrological prediction. Actually, the phases will determine the yearly prediction. So take it with your careful eyes.

Therefore, astrology depends on the accurate timing data and the accurate predictive result from the calculation. If you do not provide the exact timing data to the astrologer, then you will never get the accurate result. One thing you should remember that the astrological predictions have only 45 % accuracy in the overall result. So it will never be a 100 % accurate. So you should remember it.


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