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The Secrets of Blessing

The Secrets of Blessing

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A perfect accomplishment of your job done due to your ability but there is another heavenly power called blessing always work behind your accomplishment. The blessing for you may be coming from the any source of your life as generally it always depends on your karma. In your life, if you do a good for selfless purpose you will definitely get blessing for your deed. Even if you have done a little better as your length of blessing will be little shorter and you will get little rather lengthy if you have done a big good. The levels of blessing actually come in any form like mental, spiritual, physical, material and relational. The effect of mental blessing is very much useful, as it will give you immense power to accomplish your dream. Mental blessing actually depends on interpersonal relationship between two persons.

Suppose you are designing a car for the younger generation and your co-designer are also taking part in your project as suddenly you face a problem regarding design maneuver and after discussing the problem with your co-designer the problem is solved. This creates a mental blessing between you and your co-designer as both of yours exchange own blessings subconsciously. If you think deeply about it, you may understand what I am trying to say. In the case of spiritual blessing it generally, point to God related as we see this in the relationship between God & humanity. It is the highest level of blessing and it is more powerful than any other blessing. When we worship our God for getting blessing, as it does not come easily to us.

The reason is that the blessing of God only comes to a person who worship him for selflessly and praying well for humanity. This blessing only comes to the highly spiritual men. When you have a body and mind then you are a human. However, your body and mind has to coordinate to make you healthy and joyful as it only happens if you have physical blessings. For example, you lead a perverse life and your body and mind are not working well to make you ill frequently. You never know that there is a constant rift between body and mind. If you suddenly change your lifestyle to a good one from your existing lifestyle as you will feel better coordination with the body and mind as a physical blessing start working for you.

If you obey your body’s signal, it will reciprocate accordingly. As far as material blessing is concerned, it is just aiming to monetary relationship. The relationship between you and money comes to mind when material blessing arises. Suppose you earn a handsome salary and you invested a big portion of your earnings in an investment plan as it sure, that you will get some handsome benefit from it in the long run. The material blessing will come to you as the benefit, which you have earned from your investment. Relational blessing consists of family as it speaks about bonding. The members of a happy family always emit their blessing to each other through their deeds. A friend can release his/her blessing to you when both of yours mental setup come to equilibrium. So always, try to do for good to get the maximum blessing in long run to make your life more meaningful.


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