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The Secrets of Brain Drain

The Secrets of Brain Drain

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Every parent dreams that his or her child can settle in a foreign country. So that they put everything in the name of their child. However, in reality, when their child comes out of this fantasy jungle, then they sometimes become a human or sometimes become an inhuman. Most of the cases, they try to forget their root which they are owed to their parents. So, some important criteria are discussed to try to catch your attention.


Every man should have an ambition to shine in life. However, your ambition should have a meaning, which will can be achieved, through your present surroundings. Moreover, you have to achieve your ambition within your limits. However, for the brain drain, they never compromise for their ambition rather they get away from the non-conducive atmosphere.


Greed for money is the main concern for the brain drain beside ambition. Actually, the greed for a better life away from their home is the secret instinct, which always works in their mind. Moreover, greed effects on their mind in such a way that they could not resist the temptation. An interesting point to tell you that once they accept the temptation, then there will be no chance to return and they have to live on it in this way for the rest of their life. They could not come out of this situation any more.

Synthetic Social status

The brain drain creates the synthetic status in their society. Whatever they have skill or talent, they never come out from this synthetic social status. Moreover, they like to depend on it and continuously to strive for it. It is also very much difficult for them to get away from the status even they trapped in the adversity.

Therefore, the brain drain is not only creating a separate breed of personality in our society, which never gives the full benefits to the people of the society.


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