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The Secrets of Chatting

The Secrets of Chatting

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In the era of the internet, the chatting is an indispensable component of the internet community. However, if you know the secrets of chatting, then you can chat with anybody in the virtual world without any problem. Some criteria, you should know before you get into the chatting scenario. The criteria are discussed for your caution.


It is very much importance issue for the chatting session. The reason is that by seeing the color of the fonts, you can recognize the personality of the person whom with you is going chatting. If you see the font color is red, then you should stay away from this person in the chatting room. Moreover, this person may create problem for you during the chatting session. Again, if the font color is black or blue, this color user is likely to be normal in the chat room. Therefore, you can go with this person in the chat room. If you see that someone in the chat room is using a decorative font, then you should know that this person has a boasting and pompous nature. If you see that, someone using the bold font all times in the chat room, then this person is energetically one who can stay in the chat room very long. Moreover, this person will try to answer the most of queries in the chat room. Even, if you see that someone is using a small ‘i’ repeatedly in the chat room, then the person has low self-esteem.

Gap between the words

Gap between the words attract the curious attention in the chat room. Irregular spacing between the words indicates that the person has an illogical mind and poor judgment. Moreover, you should also keep attention on the use of punctuation in the chat room. Logically, the right use of punctuation in the chat room is very rare, although you can trace someone there if you are lucky. This person will have a very orderly nature.


Before start chatting in the chat room, it is better to observe the mood of the chat room. Always try to see on what topic the chatting session is going. If you do not follow on the running topics, just you should wait for some time. Any topic can run in the chat room maximum up to 20 minutes. Therefore, after that you can start your topic and get involved yourself in it.

Room Atmosphere

If you see that the chat room atmosphere is hot, then you should stay away from it for the moment. Rather, it is better not to enter any further conversation in the chat room. After the tension in the chat room subsidy, then you can enter into it.


In the chat room, sometimes, some moderators behave abnormally in the chat room and others may behave like a normal person. If you think that the moderator’s behavior in the chat room does comply with your ethics, then you should stay away from the person.

Therefore, the chatting is the style, which you have to acquire it. More you know the secrets about chatting, more you will get attention in the chat room.


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