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The Secrets of Civilization

The Secrets of Civilization

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The secrets of civilization lie in its existence. As we know that, so many civilizations are gone into oblivion. So that civilization itself is so much depended on the elements of it. Moreover, if you observe in the history of the world, then you will see that the civilizations are vanished after a stipulated period of 2000 years in the time line. So that if we know the elements of the civilizations, then it will be easy for us to understand the secrets of the civilization.


Any civilization shows its power through its expansion. Moreover, the total area in which the civilization stands. Actually, it will have the vast area of its authority when its authority has been spread over their boundary. If the civilization has the vast area of its authority, then it will be the sign of its supremacy and culture. Again, it is also true that the enormous size of the civilization sometimes needs the integrity and cultural bond to hold it strongly. Therefore, that for keeping the vast area of the civilization will always need attention from every corner of it.


The lifespan of any civilization depends on the quality of progeny. The reason is that if the civilization does not produce the quality progeny, then the lifespan will be cut short. Therefore, that it is essential for every civilization to produce the quality progeny. Moreover, you have to give birth many heroes who will be the harbinger of the civilization. Even, they will carry the civilization on their shoulder with gut and spirit. If you look at the history of the world, then you will see that only the most famous civilizations, which are lived for a long time, actually it had a long history of the great heroes. Generally, in every civilization more 200-300 heroes are born in every thousand years. So that if the civilization lives for more than 2000 years, then the civilization will have more than 400 great men. If you look at the history of humanity, then you will see its proof.


It is a vital element for any civilization. The reason is that if the civilization is culturally advanced, then it will survive so many upheavals in the course of time. A good culture is essential for any civilization. Moreover, culture actually develops after many human endeavors. Moreover, education, family blood and performance make a good cultured civilization. However, in reality, it takes a long time to make it.


Any civilization shines well when its location geographically accurate. It is proved that this geographical location is very much important for any civilization. If you look at the history of the great civilizations, then you will get to know that all these civilizations were built on the accurate geographical locations.


If the civilization will have to survive for the longest time, then it will have to build the communication network with the other contemporary civilizations. So that they can interact with each other without any boundary hindrance. It will make them a win-win combination.

Therefore, the civilization should follow its elements for surviving in the end. Moreover, it also makes it more successful one as well.


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