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The Secrets of Committing Suicide

The Secrets of Committing Suicide

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In the recent time, the news about committing suicides is happening in the large proportion. But the main root of the controlling this problem is still elusive to us. Moreover, this issue is very much delicate and sensitive one. So we have to deal this situation in a wise manner. If we know the reasons about it, then we can try to control it in a big way.


Everybody should have dreams. But achieving dreams are a quite different thing. So when you dream for something to achieve in your life, you should measure the potency of it for achieving success in your life. When your dream becomes an elusive to your capability, then you become a victim of depression. So the depression drags you to perform the suicide ritual. In life, never try to show up your capability in the exaggerated proportion, otherwise you will become suicidal.


When the person fails in a suicide attempt, then immediately the society puts a batch on its face that he or she does a crime. But you have to remember that committing suicide is my birthright to die for me. Even, no social rule cannot designate it as a crime. You can rather accept their ultimate fate when you are helpless to sort out their problems. If you could not solve their problems in a wise manner, then you should allow them to face death according to their wish.


Nowadays, the society is going through the reverse current which is absolutely detrimental to the good living. There are a lot of problems regarding physical, mental, economic and social. So somebody can cope with this pressure and others cannot. Those who cannot bear the pain of this reverse current, and then this person becomes a suicidal. Even, after hard trying to save lives from the suicide, you may also become a frustrated. So it is better that when your capacity is beyond your limit, then let them die on their way. At least for the time being, the suicidal person wills relief from the pain.

Therefore, you should check your dream and ambition in such a way that you should prevent the suicidal tendency from your life.


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