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The Secrets of Copulation

The Secrets of Copulation

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Copulation is the human instinct which helps man to procreate and enjoy the sexual high. Since it is the main only procreation tool for a human so that we should know its elements and functions. It is very much important for us to perform the copulation perfectly. So that if we know more about it then it will be easy for us to do it. Copulation gives us pleasure and progeny so that its distinct nature should applaud.


Before copulation, you have to make your preparation well in advance. When you are going to copulate, then you have to think about that what the purpose of your sexual intercourse. Actually, there are only two purposes you can follow. One is for pleasure and another is for progeny. So that you have to take a different approach for your required purpose. If you are copulating for pleasure, then you have to take the measures which ensure your satisfaction. For pleasure, you can experiment with sexual techniques in different modes. Whereas if you are looking sex for progeny, you should go for the straight forward sexual technique. So that whatever your requirement, you should select your approach wisely. The reason is that your success lies in your selection.


It is very much crucial for copulation. If you think that you can do sex whenever you like. But this approach will not work for you. The reason is that your ignorance of the sexual power. If you do it wisely, then you will get it immense satisfaction. But if you do it unwisely, then you will get the reverse result. If you like to do sex for only pleasure and mental health, then you should do sex at day time particularly in the morning or evening before the sun sets. It will give you enormous relief from your stress. Moreover, it will increase your memory retention power and freshness. Never try to do sex at noon as it will develop you a headache and also increase your boredom. If you do sex for procreation, then you should do it after 1 AM at night. It will help you to give a birth of a healthy child. Before starting to do sex for progeny, keep yourself and your partner naked for at least 2 hours at your home or the location where you will do sex. As it will help your body to adjust your body temperature and easiness.


It is a part of copulation process. Moreover, it will give you pre-sexual pleasure before you start copulation. You can do sucking, squeezing and kissing before you start your action. The process of the foreplay should be pleasurable and healthy so that the copulation process can be completed with a happy note. It is up to you how you can handle it according to your thinking.


It is a very much handy element for copulation. The reason is that it will decide how much you will be satisfied with your sexual journey. If you do sex in the squeezed place, then you will get the less satisfaction than you do in the spacious place. Moreover, the closed space may also damage your body and mind.


How much you will get the satisfaction from your copulation, then the source of light is essential. The reason is that you have to decide which light source you will use for your copulation. The reason is that if you use daylight, then your body will warm more than you do it at night. Practically, the right time of copulation is at night. Because the light source is cool and less warm. Particularly, the blue light source from the electric bulb will give you much satisfaction.

Therefore, copulation should be done in the favorable circle of the elements so that you can get the maximum benefits from it for your body and mind.


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