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The Secrets of Crime

The Secrets of Crime

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In recent times, crime has increased in the wide spectrum. So our society should aware about the root of the criminal activity. Moreover, the mind of criminal should be taken care of. Otherwise, we will not able to stop the criminal activity in our society. In the society where we live, generally two types of people live together. One is non-criminal minded people and another is criminal minded people. But the effect of criminal activity on the non-criminal people is extensive. Moreover, the constant criminal pressure on the society degrades the performance of the general people. So if we know the elements of our criminal minds, then we will able to minimize its intensity.


The psychology of crime depends on the criminal reasoning. Moreover, the criminal mind is the byproduct of the negative expression on any good ethics. The main target point of the crime is in the goodness of the society. The reason is that this goodness is the disliking for any criminal mind. The reason is that it never tolerates any goodness in the society. Interesting to note it down that the criminal mind was born out of the goodness due to the non-availability of goodness in their life. After they try to be a good one and failed in this connection, then they become a victim of depression and molded into the criminal. The only solution is that if we anyhow infuse goodness into their life then the criminals will able to return into their life. Moreover, we have to strike at the weak point in their psychology.


The criminal behavior is the combination of the motive, working pattern and situation. Moreover, the criminal always looks for the opportunity for exploiting the situation. And most of the times, they achieve success in their conviction. Actually, the behavior of the criminal is quite different from the general people’s behavior. The reason is that the criminal always looks for the loophole in the social system which will give them the opportunity for exploiting.

Working Pattern

Generally, the working pattern of the criminal is divided into three types. First is the straight line method; second is the triangle method; third is the square method. In the straight line method, the criminal works on this method without any human help rather the criminal works alone. So in this case, the criminal uses the weapon for committing the crime. The most of straight forward crimes molestation, assault and rape happens in this category. In the triangle method, the criminal uses weaponry, informer and associates. Generally, gruesome murder and robbery comes under this category. And in the square method, the criminal uses weapon, informer, associate and social engineering. Any type of big crime belongs to this category. So when you will ascertain the root of the crime, then you have to judge the working pattern of the crime.


Basically, the motives are two types. One is the active motive and another is the passive motive. Logically, the active crime is generally easy to solve it whereas the passive motive is very difficult to solve the crime. The reason is that there will be very little clues are available for ascertaining the crime motive. So the investigator faces the tremendous problem of solving the crime case. Moreover, the passive motive is very much gruesome and clueless. It is also very much complex.


Most of the cases, the criminal personality depends on its polarity. Generally, the criminal has a bipolar sign in its personality. Even, you can get its intensity in low or high mode. It is observed that the bipolar personality will definitely find in any criminal behavior. Actually, the personality of a criminal develops when the positive sign of life did not touch them in the early age of their life. So the propensity of the criminal instinct gets shape in that stage of their life. It is very much important to judge crime motive from the early year of the criminal’s life.

So if you like to detect the crime and try to solve it in quick succession, then you have to do it through all the elements of the crime. So you will able to solve it with deadly accuracy.


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