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The Secrets of Design

The Secrets of Design

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Design is the creative doodling for any art. Actually, design is an art itself. Therefore, art should follow some rules in order to perform. Moreover, the design gets its live after completing the three steps like imagine, sketch and compilation. So that, it is very much important for the design to go through the elements of its rules, which will ultimately give it, shape.


It is the foremost and essential element of design. The reason is that it builds its skeleton on which layout will stand. Moreover, composition plays a unique role to implement the design by abiding its principle of composition. The reason is that the Golden Ratio of composition creates the main foundation for any layout. It is important that you have to follow the Golden Ratio of composition. Moreover, the power of this ratio is so huge. If you use it according to your imagination, then it will give a robust composition in your layout. You can use it in every designing requirement like architecture, engineering, graphic and other mediums. Suppose you are designing a boiler for industrial purpose, you should place the nuts and bolts of the boiler in accurate location. Nevertheless, if you apply the Golden Ratio principle on it, then you will get a new dimension on your industrial designing capability. Moreover, you will bring a new perspective to the designing world.


Color is a part of the design. The reason is that without color, the layout will not be completed. Moreover, color stimulates the integrity of the design. Actually, it helps to make design more aesthetics and visually interpreted. Even, the color itself dominates the integrity of the designing infrastructure. If you design frequently, then as a designer, you will always think to give more importance to the power of color in your layout interpretation.


Texture makes the bond with the composition. The reason is that texture differentiates between the two-dimensional entity and the three-dimensional entity. So that it works on the design surface. Moreover, the design surface is the prime element in the aesthetics of the layout. As we know, that texture has the two varieties. One is the physical texture and the other is visual texture. However, for the design requirement, you only need the visual texture. The reason is that the importance of the visual texture is more that the physical texture. Moreover, the physical texture is rather static whereas the visual texture is far more dynamic. Logically, the dynamism always keeps the visual impulse active and increase the visual smoothness in our perception.


In design, fusion is very much important. The reason is that fusion joins the two different designing concepts and transforms it into a single form. It is an amazing interpretation of the new and the old temperament in the layout. When you are going to use the fusion concept in your layout, then you have to remember that the process of fusion activity should be flawless. Otherwise, the design will not be successful.


It is not necessary to introduce the latest trend in the design. Rather, it is very much good for updating the existing trend in the design circle. However, it is also true that if you use the trend in your design in intelligent way, then you have a great chance to win the laurels from your peers. However, you also have to think about that design itself should be benefited by your action. Otherwise, it will fruitless endeavor from your side.


It is a good move to remember that your design should have effectiveness in the society also. Rather, it can provide a long-term benefit to the people of your society. Sometimes, you have to take courage to make your design more believable to your society. The reason is that the main purpose of a designer is to create the useful layout, which can give the people of the society more pleasure.


It is a norm that your layout should be futuristic in terms of its features and functions. Otherwise, it will stay long in the mind of our society. Moreover, your imagination will play a vital role in your layout. The reason is that you have to pour the juice of the futuristic trend into your design.

Therefore, design is the root of the visual appetite in our daily product, which will ultimately give us a comfort in their use.


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