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The Secrets of Doomsday

The Secrets of Doomsday

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Doomsday warning may come from the occultist perception but its root lies in our black mind which never foretold any real event. Moreover, it brings the uncontrollable desire to make it believes that the black event will be happening in its prescribed way. Since, our perception belongs to the unforeseen future which never clears our blurry vision. Ever since, the human civilization has evolved around its own orbits, the human never relieves themselves from the law of the black thinking. So in this connection, we even cannot believe on its happening or believe on its occurring. Rather we continuously rethink on our conviction for its credibility.

Actually in reality, there is no doomsday concept exist in the modern civilization. Since, we live in the era of science, we only believe in nature, spirituality and its principles. Moreover, doomsday conviction arises from our doubtful mind which is controlled by our ignorance and fear. In our civilization, a part of it likes to make an atmosphere that it will happen in the particular way. But if we think that the doomsday scenario will happen in the prescribed manner, then we will lose our courage, education and positive attitude of our life. It is rather better to follow our sixth sense which never does wrong in any way. It is always right.

So if we can keep our faith on it, then we will able to overcome this misconception. Moreover, if we get more light from the heaven, then our conviction and judgment will be perfect towards any misconception. If we know the power of nature and spirituality, then the doomsday happening will be no longer happened in our life time. It is true that nature never destroys anything within a very short period of time. Rather it destroys slowly and steadily which it thinks wrong. One point we should remember that the simultaneous destruction will never happen in the nature instantly. Therefore, the doomsday scenario will be possible when our black thinking will cover our positive perception totally.


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