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The Secrets of Electronics

The Secrets of Electronics

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We live in the technology era. So that the name of electronics come out automatically in our mind. Actually, we will never live without the blessings of the electronics. The reason is that our modern life totally depends on the electronics. Moreover, we could not ignore the contribution of the electronics in our present life. Therefore, we are discussing some criteria of electronics for your attention.


In electronics, the grounding is very much important. It works like a human flesh. The reason is that without the proper grounding, no electronics circuit cannot be completed. Moreover, the main purpose of the grounding is the safety for the human use and the electronic circuitry. It is better to design the grounding in the electronic circuitry in such a way that the electronics freeways can be cleared without any obstruction.

So, that the electronic signal can be ran freely without any electrical anomaly through the electronics traces. Always, try to design the PCB in such a way that, there will be an ample grounding area for the circuitry. More than 10% area of the total circuitry should be covered with ground area. It is better to draw the shape of the grounding in the round shape, so that the electronics traces can access the ground from any location.


The traces in the electronics are a vital element, which carries the signal through its electrical impulse in the circuit. It works a like a blood vessel. The efficiency of the trace design is very much important for the efficiency for the electronics devices. If the trace design is not accurate according to the electronics norms and principle, then there will be the lack of performance of the electronic devices. It is better to draw the traces straight as far as possible in the circuitry.

The reason is that straight line will always keep the signal path straight, which passes through the traces. Moreover, the rounded corner of the traces will keep the signal path smoother. Whereas the sharp corner of the traces will decrease the flow of signal through the traces. Another point you have to remember that the thickness of the traces is very much vital. The reason is that the intensity of the signal flow depends on it. If the traces are thick, then larger amount of signal impulse can pass through it whereas the thin traces cannot do it.


It is the storehouse of power supply. Its working pattern is like a stomach. The reason capacitor actually holds the power and then it supply through the traces in the different direction of the circuitry. Big capacitor holds more power whereas the small capacitor holds less. Moreover, it also works as a filter for different reasons. It depends on the circuitry requirement.


It is the most important component of the electronics. It works like a human brain. The reason is that it coordinates all the functions of the circuitry in the electronics. It controls the performance of the electronic circuitry. Even, it transforms the functions of the circuit in the different forms. Moreover, the efficiency of the electronic circuit depends on it.


It just works like a human hand. The reason is that resistance controls the flow of the electrical signal, which passes through the traces. Moreover, it works on the principle of give and take policy. So that, the electronics circuit does not need any outside help to conduct their circuitry functions. Even, it also provides the constant security on the function of the electronic circuitry.


In electronics, it works like a fresh air. As the all components of the electronics will work according to the supply of the power in the traces. It brings life in the electronic circuit. So that the electronic device can start its functions so.

Therefore, the criteria will need to fulfill the electronics functionality and its performance. So that we can lead a free and highly advanced life without any difficulty.

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