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The Secrets of Film

The Secrets of Film

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It is the visual medium for our entertainment. Film is itself the architecture of a social bond. In this medium there is always need for constant source of imagination and creativity. For making a film, you will need lighting, scripting, acting, shooting, location, money, reel, publicity etc. As far as lighting is concerned, it illuminates the film setup through its color hues. Generally, colors as blue, red, yellow and green are being used in film industry. The color blue is used in film in different ways. If the film is based on action then blue color used to interpret the action sequence to the viewers. Blue has also an amazing power to feel suspense in the horror film. It also used to demonstrate the demonic behavior in the film character. Blue has many hues like sky blue, navy blue, light blue as these hues have significant effect on film.

Generally, sky blue is used in outdoor shooting, as it is naturally available with daylight. Navy blue actually is used to interpret dark and suspense atmosphere. Light blue generally used in sexual sequence of the film to decrease the intensity of passion for the viewer’s mind. Sometimes the color of lighting plays a great role to interpret the movie. Only a single color theme can be used throughout a single movie by lighting as per if the scripting of the film demands it. As far as red is concerned, it is used for action, murder or passion scene in the film. Yellow and green are used in the film as the supporting colors when the script is demanding. The angle lighting is also very important factor for the film. The 90-degree angle of lighting is actually flat which is suitable for conversational scenes of a film. As far as the 45-degree angle of lighting is concerned, it is very much useful for the action and suspense scenes of a film. The reason is that this angles of lighting shades a little shadow under the eyebrow of an actor, which makes it more dramatic.

The distance between light source and actor should be in such a way that the intensity of light cannot spoil the gist of scene in the film. In Hollywood film the color blue is using extensively whereas in Bollywood film the colors red & yellow are using frequently. The scripting is a vital organ of a film, as without it film cannot be survived. You should be careful about the use of long shot as too much long shots in script can spoil the film. Always try to use medium-close up shot and medium shot in the script as it keep the momentum of the film going.

Film itself is a potion for our wounds by its visual interpretation and provide us entertainment through its enigma…

Keep eye open on the duration of scene changing. The conversational scene cannot be more than 3 minutes duration as longer duration will make your viewer boring. Between two scenes changing use, some morphing scene as it will take your viewer smoothly. Do not keep pure silence session in the film not more than 3 minutes as excessive silence will make film rather less communicative.

Script should be written in such a way that it would provide the scope of using seven cameras. If your budget provide as you can use helicopter view and it will cut the camera numbers to five. The language of script should be simple as well as lucid so the viewer can understand it easily. As far as acting is concerned, when you do acting never look at the camera rather look at the outside angle of camera. Move your body as the camera is moving. Keep your eyes open and be careful about using excessive eyes & lips movements. The location of a film is very much important for the success of the film. The location should be chosen after the analysis of character’s functions, characteristics and importance in the script. Always try to keep your location within the origin of the film, as it will minimize your cost of production. If your script demands some foreign locations as you can make it on computer with some advance software as it will save your pocket.

The script should accommodate the location of the film in a way that the shooting can be completed within a stipulated period. As far as publicity is concerned, the film should be publicized in such a way that no bodies personal interest get hampered as I mean that it should not be used anybody’s personal weakness as a publicity stunt. Making a film is associated with human emotion and instincts so you have to make it as a tool for a social bonding.

Therefore, we should remember that film itself is a potion for our wounds by its visual interpretation and provide us entertainment through its enigma.

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