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The Secrets of Font

The Secrets of Font

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For any textual activity, you will need fonts. So that the use of the fonts will depend on some criteria we could not ignore it. Moreover, it will help us to use the fonts in the right way. If we judge the criteria well, then we can use it in a wise manner. So that we can know the power of font in our textual activity.


Every font has an identical feature so that you can use it in your different textual need. Moreover, it has a unique ability to follow your personality as well. You will see that every font has a different in shape and formation as well. So that if you observe deeply through your imagination, then you will see that one is fat in shape and other one is slim in shape. So that if your body shape is fat, then you will like to choose the font which has the fatty shape. Even, you will like to use the bold feature of the font if you choose the non-fatty font.


When you are using the fonts for your designing or textual activity, then you should choose the fonts according to emotion. Moreover, if you take a deep look at the font’s form, then you will see that it will show you that some fonts are being made for emotional use. Moreover, you can use the fonts as per emotional need in your textual activity. If you like to write a love letter, then you can use the fonts according to the emotional traits.


The placement of the fonts will be a vital issue for you when you are placing the fonts in your text screen. Moreover, it will give you a clue how to place your fonts in it. If you are placing the font in the upper portion of the textual screen, then you have to select the bold fonts for your needs.


Always try to use the fonts in such a way that it can be visible to the user which means it should be available clearly to the user. Otherwise, your works will not be successful. Moreover, the size and shape of the fonts are very much important in this regard.

So that, you have to use the fonts in such a way that it will be easily accessible and visible to the user and the main purpose of the font use will be fulfilled.


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