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The Secrets of Greed

The Secrets of Greed

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Greed is the natural instinct of every human. Sometimes you can designate it as a virtue or vice. As it has the negative and positives also. So that we have to use it accordingly to the situation demand. Nevertheless, if we do any excess of it, then it will destroy us.


As far as greed is concerned, greed has three types like physical greed, mental greed and visual greed. The physical greed is exclusive for sexuality where you have to use it according to your need. Whereas as far as the mental greed is concerned, it is very much sensitive and dangerous. The reason is that if you could not control your mental greed properly, then you will get into the troubles which will have no any immediate exit point. Moreover, mental longing exclusively for money, jealousy or revenge. It is a kind of disease, which generally invade any human without his or her consciousness. Even, the mental greed has a tremendous power, which is generally very difficult to control by physically, rather you can do it by your self-control. It is true that all great masterpieces are created by the positive use of mental greed. Moreover, it has a significant role in the development of our civilization. Whereas, the visual greed is exclusively for our aesthetic sense and beauty. It is a very much positive interpretation of our existence. Moreover, you can use your visual greed in your daily work as well. However, you have to do it according to your imaginative mind.


As we know that greed has a bad reputation as a human instinct. But, if you think it other ways, then it will give you so much benefit by controlling its intensity. Moreover, you have to check the intensity of longing wisely, otherwise you will befall quickly without any warning. One thing to remember that your longing power should be controlled by your intelligence.


When you are going to apply your greed on a particular object or obsession, then you have to check it target points. Otherwise, you may face failure. Moreover, you have to check the intensity of your greed in such a way that it will not do any harm to anybody rather you can be benefited from it also.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to apply greed in such a way that you and your target point can be survived. Moreover, it can shine your dream and accomplishment.


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