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The Secrets of History

The Secrets of History

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History is a part of our life. So without it, we never imagine. Moreover, we live in history; we believe in history; we think about history. It makes a community; it makes a civilization. So we never ignore the importance of the olden days in our life. Even, with the help of history, we see our success. After all, history shapes our life and makes it more enjoyable.


History always depends on the reason. So without any reason, history cannot develop. Moreover, theĀ olden days also looks for the reason so that it can be created on it. One interesting point to observe that history always go to the source of the reason. So it can be done there. But the elements of the reason should be mature enough so that it can be made without any loophole. If the reason is not solid and strong, thenĀ olden days will not live long. You may see that some history lives long and others have a shorter lifespan.


No history ever is live forever. Rather it should be reevaluated over the times. The reason is that due to the change of time, the olden days itself needs to change. You will see this kind of emergency everywhere. In this situation you have to evaluate the history for good. When you evaluate the history for change, you will see that still there will be a need of change is very much important. Moreover, through this revaluation, you will able to know the important segment of the history which will be needed to be changed.


After the revaluation of history, if you see that the rectified past is not healthy, then you will have to rewrite it for the sake of the humanity. Moreover, then it will be your responsibility to rewrite past in the context of the present situation. But it is not very easy to do. The reason is that when you are going to rewrite the past, you will have to face the danger. So you have to reorganize the elements of the new history in such a way that it can be done without any problem.

So in our life, history should be changed in order to make our life more comfortable when it needs. But one thing you have to remember that history should be changed with a lot of braveness. It will ultimately bring our life more livable.


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