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The Secrets of Hollywood

The Secrets of Hollywood

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Hollywood is a part of our entertainment life. There is no need for any introduction for Hollywood. It rules over the world cinema arena. However, there are some reasons for its supremacy over the other cinema industries in the world. If you know its secrets about the Hollywood success, then you can feel that why you enjoy the best entertainment stuff from the Hollywood. Moreover, it will increase your respect and loyalty towards Hollywood. Therefore, these secrets are shared for your curiosity.

One-year Theme

Hollywood always follows the one-year theme. In every year, Hollywood fixes up the particular theme on which it will work on. Moreover, they stick to it without any distortion. Hollywood works on the action theme with a little romantic touch, which works great on the minds on the cinema goers. Basically, it draws attention towards sociopolitical genre category. The main purpose of Hollywood is not only giving the entertainment but also educate the people how to deal with the sociopolitical problems. Therefore, for this reason, they use the visual technology extensively in order to convince the people that anything is possible. Moreover, the people will learn how to get away from the dangerous situation under the tremendous pressure. One-year theme is purely concentrated on the action genre but with a little modification which is relatively negligible to the eyes of the cinema goers. One interesting point to tell you that the one-year theme does not depend on the seasonal trends but it depends on the social cause.

Same Castings

Hollywood always maintains the same casting technique throughout the year. Even, the different production houses follow it strictly. If any film does not follow it, then it faces difficulty in the box office earnings. Moreover, Hollywood casts the acting crew according to the script description, which is the basic norm for the world cinema industry. However, they do it in a different way. They take the same facial expression with different actors as per the script. Hollywood uses the phrenology to select the casting crews so that the script can work well with the actor’s facial expression. Sometimes, it works wonders. Because, the good phrenological matching make the film successful.

One Script

One scripting style throughout the year gives Hollywood the super hit films. The reason is that if Hollywood changes the main script continuously for every film production, then Hollywood may face the huge financial loss. Therefore, they never like to face any weakness in the box office. You can divide a Hollywood script into three segments like visual effects, dialogue and music. The visual effects cover more than 55% of the script. Whereas, dialogues and music cover 30% and 15% of the script respectively. The use of cameras in a Hollywood script is outstanding. The reason is that nowadays Hollywood has almost covered the 360° angle in a scene. So that the viewer can enjoy the movie to its highest potentials. It is an amazing feeling. Nevertheless, it is not an easy job. Actually, a Hollywood script is a composed grid. As a producer, you will not require to think about the success about your film, rather you have to provide the equipment and financial resource into it. Moreover, you have to just put your own resources into the script and the script will do the rest for you. It is an excellent win-win combination.

Formidable Acting Ratio

In a Hollywood film, the formidable acting ratio is 3:1. It means that every three male casts has a one female cast in the script. The reason is that the Hollywood movie is mainly based on the action theme. So that the power of masculine trait presents in the script. Moreover, the action belongs to the male dominance. On the viewer’s mind, it works like a charm. The reason is that if the viewer watches the 1:1 acting ratio in the casting, then it will never excite the thrill in the mind of the viewers itself. So that if there are more than two males casts against one female cast presents in the script, then it will ultimately incite the action mood and make the viewer more glued to the movie.


It has a great influence in a Hollywood movie. The reason is that it creates the moods in the film. So that the viewers can enjoy the film. Moreover, every year a main rhythm is selected for the film production throughout the year. Only one rhythm with the different modifications makes every movie in a particular year outstanding.

Visual Effects

In a Hollywood movie, the visual effects always have an important role in it. Moreover, the visual effects cater mood, emotion and passion through its enormous color and light inputs. As far as color is concerned, blue, red and yellow are extensively used in the Hollywood movie. Most of the time, side lighting, back lighting and front lighting are being used in Hollywood nowadays. Moreover, in Hollywood, the side lighting is used most of the time in the movie.

Therefore, after knowing the secrets of Hollywood, you will enjoy a Hollywood movie at your place with an ease. The most interesting thing is that you have to understand that how a Hollywood movie making is a very difficult job and how much is important its success at the box office.


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