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The Secrets of Honesty

The Secrets of Honesty

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It is the sign of a good man but it could be seen in a bad man also. Honesty is the respected word, which we are, adorned it with great honor. Honesty is two types one is passive honesty and another is active honesty. Passive honesty, which actually work on the conscience of a man. It is so powerful that it dilutes the evil force of the society into a clean influence, which nobody could destroy it. It cleans the mind of society and guides it to accomplish our society’s goal. It works invisibly in the mind of the people. Active honesty does its trick through an open area in the presence of the people. Sometimes it may give you quick fame, which stands for a moment.

However, it does not make man from a beast as it shows the power of faithfulness in quick succession. Active honesty steers the way to passive honesty as it generally starts the movement in the mind of the people. Initially it starts the momentum and passive honesty completes the job. It just works in the loop. Both of these types are very much powerful in any way. Generally, people do not feel the passive honesty mechanism as it works on the subconscious mind of the people. When a certain portion of the society is against the active honesty then the rest of the society will show its outrage against them instantly. The source of the faithfulness actually comes from the inner self of ours.

It does not require any education or training but it requires only self-will. Men actually acquire self-will through their own thinking pattern. Sometimes circumstances compel us to show faithfulness for our survival. It is true that nobody in this world is 100 percent honest and never be. It is observed that sometimes absolute honesty may bring danger in our life. Therefore, if we feel that the foundation of honesty lies in the mind of people then it is not true. The reason is that our surrounding world has a great effect on us as when a portion of it build itself with a clean foundation and honesty shine in this part then we make to believe that there will be something special in faithfulness.

Therefore, it motivates us to do well through honesty to the society. Honesty is not easily infectious to the people as it rather spread slowly in the society. Those are who works with honesty as they face generally non-believe outcry from the very beginning so they are actually adamant to work against all odds. Honesty has some peculiarities in our life. As we know that if at the right moment we show our honesty then we can survive the disaster. The use of honesty depends on the intensity of its application. The flow of intensity should be used slowly and steadily as if you apply with great force then honesty will lose its momentum.


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