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The Secrets of Hostel Life

The Secrets of Hostel Life

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Sometimes parents could not control their children or they think that their children are a burden to them. Therefore, they send their children to the hostel where they think that their children will be brought there with the good and controlled environment. Nevertheless, in the reality, it does not provide the best resources for making a prodigious child from there. Rather, their mental block does not make a fully-grown one, as there is the lack of some ingredients. Of course, they make a good career but not a good personality in general. So, these factors are discussed for your awareness.

Close Minded

Closed mind never expands or never move. It is just like a glass of water, which could not move outside the glass barrier. Therefore, that it is not dynamic. If your mind is not moving around your surroundings, then how you can expect that your mind will be open to all. In the hostel, your mind will never be opened at all unless you remove the soiled precipitations from your mind. In reality, it is not an easy job. The reason is that of younger age, the maturity of your mind cannot judge the right decision for removing your mind’s soiled precipitations. The closed mind, which is made in the hostel life, is a synthetic stuff. Therefore, that it is very difficult to remove it from your inner self.

Enclosed Education

In the hostel life where you acquire your education which is only for the career building. However, your mental setup will never build up there rather it will weaken your mind stature. It will make your mind so thin that it can break apart at the time of the mental pressure. In the hostel life, you have to follow the rules and regulations just like an obedient pupil and it will make you a strict follower of the rules. Moreover, you will have to face the difficulty to break the rules when it needs. Now, you will bound to commit mistake after all.

Own Circle

After leaving the hostel life, you will face the difficulty to accustom with the outside world. Moreover, your mind will search for a lookalike mind around your surroundings. Even, your mind cannot find the preferred mind, and then you will become a loner in your community. Moreover, your adaptability power will be less due to your hostel life.

Manipulated Skill

When you spent your education in the hostel, probably you will learn that how you can manage your share among the other fellows. If you could not learn it in the hostel life, then your survival chance will be deem. Therefore, you have to use the manipulation techniques to get your share in the hostel life. One interesting point to tell you that you will never shun this habit throughout your lifetime. Even, you like to shun it but your mind will never support you wish.

Therefore, the hostel life may give you a good career but you will never be a complete man in your own terms. You may shine in your profession but somehow you will feel that you have lost something during your hostel life.


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