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The Secrets of Kolkata

The Secrets of Kolkata

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First of all, there is no need for any introduction about Kolkata. It is the cultural capital of India. Since its birth, it becomes a cynosure for every Indian. The reason is that Kolkata is not built in a quick succession rather it shines through the series of different phase through the ages. So it witnesses the rising of India through its lap rather it provides the staple foods for every Indian in its upheaval phase. Actually, Kolkata grows through its own ability and cultural elements. Moreover, it never depends on the outside hands. Rather, it stands on its feet through its originality. Moreover, if you look at its rising history, then you will see that Kolkata never asks any outside help during its adversity rather its fight against it within its own resources. One interesting point to tell you that Kolkata never attacks anybody for its interest rather the outsider attacks it for their exploitation. Moreover, they misunderstood its pulse. If you understand its mind well, then it is sure that Kolkata will never let you down.


Kolkata lives on emotion. The reason is that it will never live without emotional burst which is the lifeline of its people. The reason for the emotionally charged people mainly depends on its geographic location and food habit. So these stuffs are very much important for its people. The emotion is very much beneficial for any person. The reason is that it will increase your creativity, love and becomes passionate one. So if you look at the life of its people, then you will see that the people of Kolkata do its daily works emotionally. So they solve their problems with its own ability. Actually, they always like to be an independent one. So they always fight for this cause. For this reason, the outside people misunderstand this cause. There are so many examples of love and passions of the people of Kolkata exist. So you should explore it through your imagination.


It is true that if you think that it is very much easier to sell your product to the people of Kolkata, then you are wrong in your conviction. Actually, you will not instantly convince the it’s people to buy any new product. The reason is that they will judge everything relating to price, look and performance. But the most of the time, they prefer to stress on the product price and it’s after sale service. So if you are the budding marketing professional, then you should test your selling ability in this city. You will be surprised when you face them. As the time passes, they are becoming a sophisticated buyer in the course of time.


The main root of Kolkata lies in its people. The reason is that its people are cosmopolitan in this context. The people who have lived in this city, we call them ‘Bengali’. So the Bengali people are the highly crossed which means that in their blood you will get the more than 10 outside clan’s gene clue. It means that they are highly cultured people of India due to this cross breed from the outside clans. Actually, it was started from the 1200 AD onwards. So for this reason, the Bengali people become more creative, emotional, and passionate in this regard. They really want emotionally attached to the people who are living all together in the city. So that you can get any information about someone in a neighborhood, you can go to that place and get the related information about the person in real time. It is a great boon for fighting against any crime in the neighborhood. Moreover, every neighbor knows about the other neighbor’s lifestyle very well.


The people of Kolkata are always cultured from the very beginning. The reason is that they are born out from the conducive environment which supports the cultural instinct. Moreover, the elements like food, gene and education are the prime responsibility for the cultural growth in its people. Logically, the high humid condition and spicy food habit make them more cultural. Actually, the culture develops with so many other elements like language, skill, food and others. The language of the people in this city which called Bengali which is the sweetest language in the world. So the sweetness of language also makes the people more cultural and creative. The cultured people of Kolkata also have a high tolerance rate. This extreme tolerance point makes them the more sustainable among the creeds of India. Their spicy food habit makes them more prone to the movement sentiment. Sometimes, they are stigmatized as a political mind.

Therefore, the secrets of Kolkata depend on so many elements which are still illusive to get the real potential measurement of its power and glory to us.


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