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The Secrets of Maid Servant

The Secrets of Maid Servant

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When parents go out for their jobs every day, kids who stay in their home alone need caring and guidance for healthy living. So, in this case, the maid service is very much required. Without proper guidance and training your kids, they can be out of control in their life. Besides, their duty to look after your children, they also join hands with you to help your daily chores. So, the mental barrier sometimes makes an obstacle between the employer and the maidservant. Moreover, you should overcome your mental barrier through these criteria as follows:

Treat your maid as a family member

It is better to accept her as a family member. So, that she will believe to respect you and your family in this point of view.

Show your love to her

Try to love her from the very beginning when she was first time inducted in your home service. Actually, she always expects love from her employer besides her fee.

Keep trust on her

Don’t do anything that she can suspect that you are not trusting her. If she does wrong in any homework, you should tell your maid according to the situation demands. Moreover, you should apply your intelligence.

Invite your maid to take dinner with your family

If possible at least once in a month, invite her to take dinner with your family members. It will work like a charm.

Tell your kids to call your maid as their elder sister

Always train your kids to call her their elder sister. Even, the age of your maid is more than your age, then tell them to call her as an aunt.

Introduce your maid to your relatives and friends:

In any ceremony or party, you should introduce your maid to your relatives and friends. It will raise your social dignity and the people around your community will begin to respect you more.

Pay handsomely for her duty

It is better to pay her handsomely. So, she can satisfy with her earning and can serve your family wholeheartedly.

Never discuss any family secret in the presence of her

You should take care about your family secret discussion in the presence of her in your surroundings. You should not disclose in her presence.

Never open your valuables in front of your maid

It is better not to open any valuable like jewelry or money in front of her.

Keep watching her duty on the male members of your family 

The maid has a natural weakness to the male member of the family. Sometimes, she may flirt with any male member of the family. You should allow it to some extent and keep your eyes open for any further complication.

Therefore, the maid in our life is very much important. But the benefits of keeping maid will depend on your mental block which may make your family members happy and enjoyable.


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