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The Secrets of Masturbation

The Secrets of Masturbation

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Masturbation is a form of sexual habit for getting relief from the sexual high. But if you like to get the most satisfaction from it, then you have to know the real meaning of masturbation. It will help you to understand it better for the benefits of your mental health. Some points are discussed for your awareness about masturbation.

Time Gap

If you often use wanking which may not be harmful to your health but rather it will give you less satisfaction. Moreover, if you maintain some gap between consecutive wanking, then it will give you more satisfaction. As you will do it more often, then your genital muscles will be tired and you will lose your self-control. So it is better to give some time gap in your wanking activity.

Fill up the tank

Frequent wanking will decrease the storehouse of your semen as you should give some to fill up its storehouse. In our body, watery components are generally get filled up quickly but the thickness of it will depend your body mechanism. Basically, it is better to wank twice a week will give you enough thickness of your semen.

Stress Buster

You should remember that the wanking may work like a stress buster. When you are in stress ,do wanking and it will release some stress from your body. It will give you a cooler body temperature and peaceful mind. Don’t use wanking only for sexual purpose. Rather use it for your overall mental and body health.


Wanking has an extraordinary ability to increase your concentration power. Particularly, if you are younger, it will release your sexual high and return back your concentration. Another point to tell you that if you control your wanking habit during your examination time, then it will increase your memory retention power which will help you to do well in the examinations.

Therefore, the masturbation should not be used for sexual purpose only but you should use for your over all mental health.


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