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The Secrets of Music

The Secrets of Music

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Music is the symphony of an invisible mind. Only your mind will read the musical rhythm through the brain impulse. Moreover, music only gives you the ultimate pleasure for your leisure if it is well tuned with a good notation. Therefore, it is very much important for any musical score, which will bring soothing in your mind. The main purpose of music is to soothe the mind. Therefore, some criteria will impose on the development of the better musical tone, which will ultimately do the trick for soothing our soul. These are discussed for your curiosity.


It is a vital element of music. The reason is that the balance coordinates the even distribution of the different scales of the musical tone. When the music delivers the soothing hearing pleasure to your mind, then it should have some kind of balance in the musical tone. Otherwise, it will never mix up with the other elements of music.


It is very much important for music to have a symphony in the musical scores. Otherwise, it will not able to create a musical tone, which may not give the soothing hearing pleasure to your ears. For this reason, the music composer should keep in mind that there should be the total symphony in the music.


The musical notes should be in such a way that there will be a sign of the continuation in the musical tones. Moreover, the movement of the instrument may be in high or low but it should maintain continuity in the process. So, that the music can be heard in ceaseless pleasure. The music lyricist should be careful about continuation in music flow when he is writing the musical note.


The movement in the musical tones should have a rhythmic movement, which will ultimately give you a memorable musical score. However, the movements of the musical notes should be written in such a way that it could take the music to the highest level of perfection. The skill of the artist also makes difference for making the right movements in the musical tones.


The expression of music can be in joy or sorrow. However, the basic parameter of the expression should be confirmed that it could convey the right expression through the musical tones. It also depends on the application of the instruments, which are being used for the musical score. If you pick the right instrument for the right expression, then it will make a great music.

Moreover, the music can be great if all the aforementioned criteria maintain and applied in a wise manner, then it will be a successful music.

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