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The Secrets of Name

The Secrets of Name

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Name is the identity tag of a man. So that in society, we are acquainted with our name. One interesting point to remember that if we do a good job, then our name shines in glow. However, if we do bad deeds, then our name becomes in dim state. Therefore, we should give importance in our name and respect it. It is true that it is very difficult to keep name in good shape. Therefore, if you know some criteria of the name, then it will be easy for to understand the value of the name.

Letter Formation

The name consists of some letters. So that the letter formation is very much important for the name creation. The sweetness of your name depends on how you can assemble the letters in your name. The letter formation of your name can be done in Geometric Permutation or Arithmetic Permutation. Again, you can create the letter formation of your name according to the numerological value of the letters. Moreover, you can do it also through Pronology. Moreover, you have to know the accent principles of the English alphabets very well.


Always try to choose your name, which has a practical meaning. It means that everybody can understand the meaning of your name and remember easily. Moreover, if you like to keep your name’s meaning simple, then it will attract everybody. Even, your name’s vibration will make your personality.


When you select your name, then you have to make your name in such a way that its vibration should be sweet but harsh. Sometimes, the name cannot be acceptable in your society due to its negative vibration. Therefore, you should change it instantly. If your name’s vibration is good, then you will attract so many friends and acquaintances. Moreover, the good name may give you some advantage over the others in interview board. Even, your name may bring laurel, if your name has a good vibration.


The weight of your name should have some advantages over others. The reason is that the weightiness of your name will long last even after your death. So that you should choose your name according to its weightiness and its longibility.

Therefore, the criteria will give you some light when you are going to select your preferred name.


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