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The Secrets of Occult

The Secrets of Occult

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The birth of the occult was happening when the people have just begun to think for discovering the unknown. In the ancient world, when there was no sign of science as the people never think about it. At that time, the occult was born out of the ignorance. One thing you have to remember that occult was born well before science. Actually, science was born out of the occult. The reason is that the occult was based on the ignorance since science was based on observation, experiment and truth.

However, the core of the psychic was transformed into the intuition. Moreover, in science, the intuition has no role. The occult is not a complete science rather it is an inactive part of science where this science has no power to interpret the power of the occult. Therefore, the people of the modern society never accept it completely. When the science was born, the intensity of psychic became weak and gone into the dormant stage. After that, the science become a ruler over the occult and captures the people’s mind. The reason for the popularity of science is mainly for the high quality lifestyle.

Whereas, the popularity of the occult is mainly based on the indecision of our mind in our adversity. Another, point to ponder is the failure of science’s interpretation of our adversity. It is a very much important clue to the success of the occult. One interesting fact is that the success of the occult is now rising, despite the huge development of science in the recent time. The branches of the psychic are developed due to the specific failure instance of our adversities. When science fails to hit at the specific point of the adversity, then the psychic enters in.

The success rate of science is 99 percent since the success rate of the psychic is 45 percent. Although, the unfavorable success rate of the occult, the occult is still the billion-dollar business in the world today. After 1000 years from now, the occult will again overcome the success rate of the science. Because, everything has an ups & downs curve. Therefore, now the age of science is running and it is at its peak point. After that, its curve will be down and the curve of the occult will rise. We, all of us always believe in science but not in the occult. However, it is true that we may not like or love the occult but we never ignore it.


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