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The Secrets of Photography

The Secrets of Photography

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Photography means paints with light. Therefore, you understand that the main purpose of the photography is concentrated on  light itself. Therefore, if you like to shoot a good photograph, then you have to be competent in the light control. The reason is that if you cannot monitor the light whether it is daylight or flashlight, then you will never shoot a well-exposed photograph. A well-exposed picture consists of some criteria, which are discussed for your knowledge.


A well-exposed photo always will tell you that it is an example of an accurate exposure. The proper exposure is always vital for any good photograph. The reason is that if the light is passed through the camera with the actual mechanical specifications, then it is sure that the print will be well exposed. Therefore, for this reason, you have to use the shutter speed and aperture setting in wisely manner.

One thing you should always remember that when the aperture and the shutter speed are well tuned, then the photograph would be technically accurate. If you like to get a sharp shot, then you should use the aperture between f8 to f22 and the shutter speed should be at least 1/125 to 15 second. Moreover, when you are taking a sharp photo, you should use the tripod always for avoiding the handshake. However, one thing you have to remember that you have to understand the source of light.

The light source are two types. One type is natural and another is artificial. For a natural light source like daylight, you will need natural instinct for using the light source. Controlling the flashlight is not difficult as comparing to the daylight. However, you should a natural eye for the daylight. Otherwise, you will never shoot the well-exposed photograph.


For a well-composed photograph, you have to know the rules of the thirds and the zone system. Otherwise, you will never successful in photography. The rules of the thirds arrange the location of the subject in the photographic frame whereas the zone system shows the photographic tones. You should always maintain the Golden Ratio, which is very much essential for any photograph.

More you understand the enigma of Golden Ratio, better you will make a powerful composition of your photograph. For making a well-composed shot, you have to be competent in the practical and the theoretical also. This approach is very much important for any photographer.


Sorry to say, unless you have a skill in photography, then it will be very difficult for you to become an excellent photographer. More you practice, more your chance will increase to become a photographer. For improving your skill in photography, you have to study photographic books and magazines at regular interval. Moreover, you should participate in any photographic competition if possible. Your perseverance and dedication to photography will increase your skill in photography.


It is the key to photography. If you have no patience, then you will have a little chance to become a photographer. It is must for any good photographer. One photograph can bring you home laurel for you if you have enough patience. So, try to build your tolerance by increasing your thirst for perfection. It will help you to create understanding.


As a photographer, you should have powerful anticipation ability so that it can create a unique chance to capture a memorable moment in your photograph. It is an essential element for any photographer. How much your mind quick response to any sudden moment that will determine the remarkable stuff for your photograph.


Nowadays, the digital era is running. Therefore, you have to play with your picture through Photoshop manipulation. You should have the RAW file format and the application of the Adobe Photoshop. For the advancement of the digital technology has become readily available to any photographer. So, that you have to train yourself in this new medium. More you know this technology, more will be your photograph better.

Therefore, you have to follow these criteria above for your photographic career. Moreover, it will help you to build it with great enthusiasm.


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