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The Secrets of Picture

The Secrets of Picture

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Picture is the visual presentation of the untold imagination. Therefore, you can see the picture through your imaginative mind and you will able to make to believe that image come out from the subconscious mind. Moreover, if you like to build the picture according to your conscious mind, then you have to follow the principles of picture creation. You have to understand composition, color, mood, emotion, technique and visual interpretation as well. It is true that besides the principles of the image making, you should have a skill about it. Even, you have to apply your skill for getting the better picture.


It may make or break a picture. Therefore, the importance of the composition in the picture is huge. Since, the picture is the reflection of the imaginative mind, and then the existence of the composition comes automatically in our mind as well. When you are going to develop a picture in your mind, then you should make it according to the principle of the composition. The reason is that composition always follows Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section and Rule of Third principles. Any picture composition should follow any one of them as well. Otherwise, the picture will never attract the visual beauty. When the visual beauty of an image is not created, then the picture will not be existed at all.


Color is the rainbow of the subconscious imagination, which breeds the visual peace of the subject. Therefore, in a picture, the importance of the color is highly essential for interpreting it in the right direction as well. The reason is that the picture will only work when the visual sequential differences can be achieved through the color. Actually, the color will convey the mood and expression through the image. So that the human mind can read it quickly without any fuss. Even, we could express our emotions and moods with any color. Moreover, the color mechanism teaches our mind in such a way that we can see the subject in the different perspective. Rather, it helps us to understand the way to learn an object in the full form as well.


When you like to convey the mood in a picture, then you should use color, composition and technique in the right direction. If you do it according to the principles of the mood creation, then you will able to achieve a better picture as well. For creating the mood, you have to understand well the story of the subject, which you are creating. Moreover, if you target your purpose well, then the picture will come out gracefully as well.


For interpreting the emotion in a picture, you have to infuse the power of color, composition and technique as well. Moreover, you have to reorient the principles of the picture in such a way that you can rightfully depict the emotion in your picture as well.


Overall, the creation of a picture will be completed with the right application of the technique. If you could not do it in the right way, then you will never achieve your purpose as well. Actually, you should be competent for applying the different kinds of technique and the technology in a graceful manner.

Therefore, a picture will be created when you will apply the elements precisely. Moreover, you can even make it more the visually appealing to the viewers as well.


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