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The Secrets of Piracy

The Secrets of Piracy

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Piracy is a great menace for any industry nowadays. Moreover, it sips more than billions of dollars every year without controling its speed. So the piracy is now a great concern for any business house. Actually, piracy happens due to some elements of an industrial policy. Sometimes, it is observed that the source of piracy lies on its own root. So unless you mitigate this problem now, then in the long run you have to face the big trouble. But it is true that you will never wipe out the piracy completely rather you can control its rising level.


It is the prime concern for the rising of the piracy menace. If you understand the real price of a product, then you can control the piracy. Most of the cases, the industry does not fix the price of a product in the right way so it delivers a great impact on the consumer’s mind. So you have to determine the actual price of a product in such a way that it will help to control the piracy problem and make the consumer happy. When the price of a product is higher than the expected price, then piracy is born. Nowadays, the product price is so sensitive that the consumers can move to other sources where they can get it in the lower price. In the industrial sector, the consumer is king, so you have to remember it from time to time. If you forget it frequently, then eventually the piracy will be born. If you take the software piracy in your mind, then you will see that the price of software application is higher than the operating system software. Actually, this big discrimination ushers the birth of the piracy. Always try to keep the software application price below the operating system price. It will check the piracy.


For the industrial point of view, the indulgence for boosting up the sales curve make sometimes to take the piracy root. So for any industry, the industrial policy should be careful in this matter when it is envisaged the marketing policy. So the industry should check this temptation for the benefits of the society. Logically, if you envisage the marketing policy in the right direction, then you can control the piracy menace.


From the piracy point of view, greed for the high price tag is very much detrimental to the society. The reason is that it will increase the potential of piracy in the quick succession. So it is a good move if the industry tries to check the higher price temptation for determining the product price in the wise manner.


It is important for the consumer point of view. The reason is that the consumers should control the temptation of buying the product at the cheapest rate through unscrupulous manner. Actually, in this context, the consumers are rather lazy so they have to be active to control the piracy problem.

Therefore, the piracy is the problem which is giving the industry a red signal for the rising price spree among the industrial sector. One thing always remembers that the root of piracy lies only on the price. So if you control the price of the product, then you can definitely control the piracy.


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