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The Secrets of Rape

The Secrets of Rape

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Nowadays, rape is a menace in our society. So that we cannot control it quickly as it is happening almost every day around the world. But if we could know the reasons behind a rapist, then we will solve this problem in a wise way. Therefore, the reasons are discussed for your attention.


You should remember that every rapist is a loner in somehow whether he knows it consciously or not. Moreover, the lonely mind will invite the negative thought in the mind which will ultimately create more frustration. Before doing rape, they never think twice about the consequences and its effect of this heinous crime on their life. Always try to control your mind and body in such a way that it can work simultaneously with ease.

Turmoiled Childhood

Not everybody has been fortunate to have a good childhood. If you don’t get the good childhood, at least you should try to balm your childhood wounds in intelligent ways. Only, you can overcome your turmoiled childhood by educating yourself and make yourself free from your wounds. Always try to search for the mentor who will guide you and nourish your intellect.

Social Inhibition

Always try to engage in your society. As it will help you to breed positive thinking on your life. For the most of the rapists are socially inhibited. So that they easily became a victim of their negative thinking. Due to the lack of social interaction make anybody vulnerable to the society itself. So that it is very much-needed to cure this behavior without any delay.

High Intensity Anger

You should remember that a rapist only do a rape activity at the time of intense angry situation. When anger mixed up with high libido then , then anger suppress the sexual appetite and it become no longer sexual assault rather a simple angry manifestation. But you have to understand the main intention of the rapist. Never indulge in anger rather control it for your own good.

Pervasive Sexuality

Every rapist has some pervasive sexuality. So that they interpret sexuality in a different mode. The pervasive sexuality can ignite the negative sexual attraction towards the opposite sex. This behavior may ignite the raping imagination.

Therefore, the rapists are not born but they are made with the negative environment. So that it should be careful from the beginning when a child was born. We should provide the child a good environment and education so that the child cannot attracted towards this type of heinous crime.


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