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The Secrets of Religion

The Secrets of Religion

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Without religion, no civilization will survive. Therefore, that religion is the root of our existence in the society. The most interesting thing is that religion present in the universe. Even, in the animal kingdom, science arena, astronomy, philosophy and everywhere, you will see the existence of religion. Religion is a system, which guides the functionary of the universe. Even, in an atom, the religion is followed strictly in it. So, that the secrets of religion are very much important in our life. We cannot ignore it rather we obey it. Therefore, if we know its secrets, then we can make our life comfortable and lively.


Before getting the benefits from religion, you should have faith in it. Otherwise, you will know the power of religion in your life. Moreover, if you do not like to have faith in religion, then you will have to face tremendous problems in your life. Moreover, you will feel it when you are in the adversity. Actually, religion will rescue you when you are in danger. More you have faith in religion, more you have blessings from religion.


Religion will train you how you can make yourself more disciplined. Moreover, your disciplined personality will help you to shine in life. Even, when you are in adversity, then you will see that the power of discipline will save your day. As you are more disciplined, then you are prone to achieve success in your life quickly. It will make your body and mind clean and active in order to achieve your goals in life.


Religion is a system, which consists of some rules. We always obey these rules to get the blessings from our God when we need. Actually, we should always attach to religion continuously for our own good. If we follow and obey these rules, then we can make ourselves more spiritual and it will get us close to God. The rules are the main foundation blocks of any religion base. Actually, on these rules, religion stands on. One interesting point to tell you that you will never break these rules rather if you try to break it, then you will face the curse from God.


One thing to remember that the power of religion will depend on the mannerism of it. Actually, how religion will behave in the systematic way, then the credibility of the religion will depend on it. Moreover, if religion does not follow the right way, as it should be, then religion will be having a short lifespan.


The depth of any religion base is very much vital to its existence. The reason is that if the depth of religion is not solid, then the credibility of religion to its work shippers will be less important and it will lose its momentum. The shallow depth will never provide any solid foundation for any religion. Rather it will help the religion for crumbling quickly. Always, remember that the solid depth will cover its inner softness, which is very much important.


One important indication is that religion should control emotion otherwise, it will break the society in parts. Moreover, the pupils of religion should be controlled by the religion itself. Religion should control emotion in such a way that it should make its pupil more emotionally fertile.


If orthodoxy mixes up with religion, then religion will lose its glory. Moreover, orthodoxy will sip its inner softness and make it a juice less stuff. Sometimes, orthodoxy makes religion more vulnerable to the pupils of religion. So religion itself should be careful about orthodoxy, as it will destroy its purpose and value to our society.

Therefore, religion is our life support, which gives us aid in our need. Moreover, it also helps us to shine in our lives through its rules.


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