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The Secrets of Science

The Secrets of Science

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Our thinking and actions are controlled by the principle of science. Whereas, science itself always follows the basic rules and principles of its system. Science never stays away from its path. It always follows the principles on which it stands. If we understand the principles of science, then it will be easy for us to know science more deeply through our knowledge.


Without experiment, science cannot stand. Therefore, that experiment is one of the paths for the scientific invention. As a scientist dedicates his or her soul for finding the new invention in its stream, the power of the experiment works like a magic wand for the inquisitive mind. It is very much important for any scientific mind. The reason is that the scientific mind never works without the existence of an experiment. One point, which you have to remember that experiment, guides the scientific formula to prove its truthfulness. It also considered that experiment should follow the right guideline under the right mind. Every experiment has three stages. The first stage is primordial; the second stage is advance; and the third stage is final. If you miss the basic experimental technique in the primordial stage, then your experiment will be hampered in the later stages. Therefore, it is very much important for any scientist to start the experiment under the precise mode. Otherwise, the experiment will not be successful.


For scientific invention, observation is very much vital element for any scientific mind. Moreover, it develops the scientific imagination in the mind of the scientist. Basically, it instills the pragmatic thinking in the inventor’s mind. The reason is that the inventor should aware of precise logic for the observation. Otherwise, the invention will be still illusive to its inventor. You can divide the observation in three parts. The first one is primary; the second one is secondary; the third one is final. Therefore, you have to cross every stage with the dead accuracy.


It is the main skeleton of any scientific imagination. Moreover, it brings the live in the invention. So that the invention itself grows up under the surveillance of the theory. Before envisaging the theory in mind, you have to make sure that its purpose will be served for the humanity. Theory is in two parts. One is activity theory and the other is passive theory. In reality, the passive theory is a short-term lifespan because it does not give any specific conclusion regarding its credibility. Whereas, the active theory confirms its credibility. The reason is that it has the long-term lifespan. Moreover, in reality, there are maximum number of the theories have the short-term lifespan which is existing in this world. One interesting point to ponder that the most of the scientists are working on the passive theory. Because, it has the special ability to make the other robust theory.


The modern science has a lifespan of another 500 years. So that science itself never knows what will be its future. Rather, science should go through the series of the transformations. Moreover, this transformation may occur after the series of serious feedback.


Science has no power to interpret the inevitable. Rather, it depends on the logic and conclusion of the scientific mentality. So that it is the unknown territory where science has clue to find its reason. Sometimes, science itself tries to understand the power of the inevitable, but never concluded. From this point of view, the fight between science and occult begins.


It is the outcome of science. The reason is that the invention completes the science’s demarcation. Moreover, it smoothed out the scientific temperament and agility. The invention itself is a non-bias complement to science, which ultimately deserve the adulation from its surroundings.

Therefore, science itself is a robust mechanism, which we never ignore it rather we love and respect its power. Actually, it gives a modern outlook in our lifestyle and increases our problem-solving capability.


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