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The Secrets of Sexual Harassment at Work

The Secrets of Sexual Harassment at Work

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Nowadays, sexual harassment of employees in the office is happening frequently. However, the preventive measures are still not easily understandable. So that this menace is increasing at an alarming rate. At office, we do jobs for earning. Nevertheless, if there is no security and dignity in our office, then it became an evil’s den. So if we could know some secrets how to cope with this menace, then we can be felt safe at our working place. Therefore, some secrets are discussed for your help.


In an office, you should maintain a simple and smiling personality. The reason is that if you make yourself more acceptable in the minds of your colleagues, then you can save yourself from such problem. Your relationship should be friendly and cooperative with your peers. When they will begin to understand your behavior and working attitude, then they will reciprocate with their positive intention. Moreover, they will treat you as a family member within the office family. Even, they will treat you as with a sisterly or brotherly attitude. In the office, if someone likes to make friendship with you and approach you, then you should behave with a smile at the initial stage. After that observe the person and you think that this person is OK then say hello to him or her. The reason is that the first acceptance is the medicated way, which will prevent you from any sexual harassment at work from your office.

First Impression

It is very much vital to your first appearance in the first day at your office. One thing, you have to remember that your cloth style should be taken care of. Otherwise, you will indicate the wrong message to your new colleagues. You should wear simple and formal dress in your first appearance in the office. Your appearance should be simple and friendly to your office colleagues. As it will create a friendly impression on them. Moreover, if you are a woman, then you should not wear any highly contrast color outfits for your office purpose. Rather you should go for the color with less contrast. So, at least it will suppress the sexual high in your colleagues and you will have a less chance of sexual harassment at work in your office.

Be Helpful

Always, try to be helpful with your office colleagues when they are in problems. The reason is that it will increase respect about you on them. Sometimes, if you show a little generosity, then they will never consider you as a sexual toy. Rather they will defend on behalf of you against any atrocity towards you.

Be Observant

It is a good move to be observant in your office. The reason is that you have to keep your eyes and ears open for gathering information what is happening around your office walls. It is very much important for preventing yourself from any sexual assault in your office. When you are in your office, you should always keep a vigil on the movements and activities of your suspected colleagues. As it will help you in preventing from any sexual harassment.

Be Troubleshooter

If you become a troubleshooter in your office matters, then there will be a little chance to have any sexual harassment at work from your office people. It is true that the office will never tolerate any sexual harassment or abuse on the employee who is a troubleshooter for the office itself.

Good Advice

When your colleagues come to you for having an advice from you for their problems, you should give the exact solution to their problems. Moreover, your advice should work instantly without any error. When you are giving the advice to your colleagues, you should consider it as your responsibility as you do with your family.

Be Humorous

Always try to be humorous with your office colleagues. As it will develop better rapport with your colleagues in your office. Moreover, they will also enjoy your companionship during their office break. It will give you also so much satisfaction. As they will also appreciate your gesture and attitude in this regard. So there will be a little chance of sexual harassment at work in your office.

Assessing Performance

Always assess your performance throughout the year in your office. As it will give a general outlook your position in your office. You should perform your office jobs in such a way that it will make your boss happy and it will never ignite jealousy among your colleagues. So, you should do it wisely.

Be less Career-centric

Never try to be more career-centric in your office performance. Rather, you should have a composed role, which will not ignite any jealousy among your office colleagues. Moreover, sometimes, it develops the intention about the sexual harassment towards you. Be careful always in this regard.

Therefore, you should enjoy office life within your ability without losing your respect and dignity. Moreover, there will be a little chance to have a sexual harassment at work in your office, as your positive approach towards your office colleagues will minimize it.


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