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The Secrets of Talent

The Secrets of Talent

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Behind any extraordinary achievement, the trait of a special ability of its creator has worked which is we called talent. Every man is born with some kind of talent, although some persons can show it but others cannot. Talent needs hard work, good environment, perseverance, patience, resolute aim, tolerance and a little bit of luck. The definition of talent is quite extensive. What the people have something special ability to do good or bad achievement is the sign of talent but we generally recognize the only good deed as talent. The reason is that bad deed only brings harmful effect on our life so it is not aptness. If we think it from a different angle, it is the negative talent manifestation. Whatever talent you may have, it will somehow make you proud. There is another way to show your talent is the right time. Time is vital for talent manifestation. It is always limited for a time being. If you extensively use talent in early ages, then there will be a little bit of it to be left for use in the latter part of your life.

In early ages (5 years-10 years) of your life, if you get a chance to show your talent, keep it in control with your parent’s self-will and self-confidence. In the early stage of our life, aptness can bring quick fame but it is a short-termed and very difficult to keep its momentum in the latter part of your life. Talent is like a glass of water as quickly if you sips it and it will finish quickly. But still there will be a very little amount of water in the glass and it will be useless. There are three stages of aptness showing time. The beginner time, it has spanned 7 years (21 yrs. age – 28 yrs. age). This time talent needs caring and nourishing. One mistake can jeopardize your mission. The intermediate time this has spanned 7 years (32 yrs. age – 39 yrs. age). This time your talent is fully operational.

The advanced time has spanned more than 10 years ( 40 yrs. age- 55 yrs. age). This time, faculty will work on experience which you have earned so far. The different types of talent are the two types. One is soft talent and another is hard talent. Soft talent which is inborn type and hard talent which is a self-made type. Soft talent comes from gene and hard talent comes from self-made. The man with soft talent, it has 80 percentage originality of it whereas the man with hard talent has 50 percentage original. Soft talented people never depend on opportunity rather they make its own way to show their talent. Hard talented people need an opportunity and a little bit of help to show their faculty. Both types of talented people are socially recognized and have a marginal difference. To spot faculty in people, you have to be talented yourself. A talented person can only find another talented person as it works like a mirror.

From the extrovert people, you can trace hidden faculty very easily but the introvert people need artificial stimulation for tracing hidden talent from them. One thing we should remember that sometimes aptness need to be protected from its extinction. Some talents can be found in a thousand years. Again, sometimes you need a little bit of sacrifice to make way for a rare talent. So if you respect faculty and help it to grow as it will take you to the unknown world which you never imagined before.


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